A plate of chicken and rice costs $17 at a food stand in New York City. Exactly the same dish costs $2.50 in Singapore. They were put to the test.


The unofficial national dish of Singapore has arrived in New York City, but it has at least one significant difference: the cost.

Makansutra food tourism company, selected each of the 17 Urban Hawker houses sellers.

With this location on 50th Street in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, Seetoh collaborated with Urbanspace to bring the renowned hawker stalls of Singapore to New York.

In a phone interview with Insider, Seetoh stated, “We wanted to introduce Singapore’s hawker culture and export it to the rest of the world.” Seetoh stated that they only provide genuine Singaporean cuisine and don’t “cheat on ingredients.”

However, expect to spend significantly more money. A plate of chicken rice is featured at Urban Hawker for $17, which is eight times what it would cost in Singapore.

Two food reporters from Insider, Marielle in Singapore and Rachel in New York City, visited hawker stalls in their respective cities to evaluate the dishes’ costs, flavors, and varied ingredients.

The results are shown here.