According to a royal book, King Charles had valets squeeze out his own toothpaste and hand-wash his underwear.


More palace insiders have spoken out to discuss King Charles’ purported eccentricities.

The King: The Life of Charles III is a new book by royal author Christopher Andersen, for which he studied a wide range of sources regarding Queen Elizabeth II’s elder son. The book, which will be released on Tuesday, has a lot of unexpected information about “one of the most eccentric sovereigns Great Britain has ever known.”

Andersen claims that the royal’s former valet, Michael Fawcett, was in charge of shaving his face, putting on his clothes, and squeezing toothpaste onto the royal’s monogrammed toothbrush. Additionally, Fawcett is said to have set the 73-year-pajamas old’s out.

Mabel Andersen, Charles’ former nanny, was allegedly called out of retirement to fix his childhood teddy bear, according to Andersen.
King Charles travels with a custom-made toilet seat and his teddie bear, and the author claims: “He wants what he wants.”

According to a former valet who spoke to Andersen, “She was the only person being allowed to take needle and thread to “ex” Prince Charles’ teddy bear,” Page Six reported on Thursday. “You would think it was his own child having major surgery every time that bear needed to be mended,” said the author, who was well into his 40s.

Ken Stronach, a different former valet, was allegedly in charge of hand-washing the royal’s underwear and making sure that Charles’ cherished teddy animal was by his side, according to Andersen.

According to a former employee, Charles is as fussy about his morning regimen. ‘Contain a cup and saucer to the right with a silver spoon facing outward at an angle of five o’clock,’ the previous Prince of Wales’ breakfast tray was required to have. Three cooled balls of butter are required. The royal toast is never served on a plate but always on a silver rack. On a separate silver tray, several jams, jellies, marmalades, and honey are offered.

For dinner, the former assistant insisted that a soft-boiled egg and a green salad were a must.