Adams rejects the NYC bishop’s request for a firearms permit after he was robbed of $1 million worth of diamonds during his sermon.


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NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! Read this article. Mayor of New York City Eric Adams on Monday rejected requests for special weapons permits for clergy members made by a Brooklyn bishop who was robbed of $1 million in jewelry in the middle of a sermon.

Adams listened to a reporter’s inquiry regarding Bishop Lamor Miller-recent Whitehead’s proposal for pastors and other members of the clergy to be armed in the Big Apple during a separate press conference announcing the extension of the city’s speed camera program. The writer made notice of Miller-suggestion Whitehead’s that criminal histories shouldn’t be taken into account when granting clerics and clergywomen special firearms permits. Miller-Whitehead has a history of grifting and has served time in jail for theft and grand larceny.

The reporter asked off-camera, “Do you think it’s a good notion that like clergy should get a particular exemption when it comes to gun permits?”

Adams answered categorically, “no.” The mayor chuckled for a moment, then stepped away from the microphone to pay attentive attention to another question about outdoor eating lawsuits in the Big Apple before coming back to the podium. Adams has known Miller-Whitehead for a very long time.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams issues resounding andquot;noandquot; to Bishop Lamor Miller-Whitehead's calls for special clergy gun permits.

Bishop Lamor Miller-requests Whitehead’s for unique clergy weapons permits was met with a resounding “no” from New York City Mayor Eric Adams. (Office of NYC Mayor)

Miller-Whitehead had urged state lawmakers to adopt a bill permitting clergy to carry guns in order to protect themselves and their congregations at a press conference of his own on Friday outside Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries in Canarsie, Brooklyn.

“They need to swiftly approve a law,” he continued, “allowing pastors of houses of worship and everyone on the ecclesiastical staff to own handgun permits.” “We ought to be able to have it if the teachers can have it.”

Miller-Whitehead continued, “It should be exempt regardless of whether we have a record. So, as the Constitution mandates, we should have the right to bear arms.

Miller-Whitehead denied that the sensational crime was part of any purported insurance scam.

Miller-Whitehead refuted claims that the shocking incident was a part of some sort of alleged insurance fraud. Gregory P. Mango of the New York Post

Miller-Whitehead was previously thought to have lost jewelry valued at $1 million, according to authorities, when three masked gunmen broke into his church on July 24 as he was giving a live sermon. According to the New York Post, the bishop, who is well known for his love of high-end fashion, weirdly reenacted the crime for his congregation on Sunday by stretching his body out on the ground for dramatic effect. Additionally, he has denied making the crime into a sensation for any alleged insurance scheme.

Video released by NYPD shows trio accused of stealing more than $1 million worth of jewelry from Brooklyn Bishop Lamor Whitehead (right) and wife.

Three people are accused of stealing jewels valued at more than $1 million from Brooklyn Bishop Lamor Whitehead (right) and his wife, according to a video released by the NYPD. (NYPD/Facebook)

Miller-Whitehead called on President Biden and Democratic New York Governor Kathy Hochul to do more to safeguard places of worship, particularly in places like New York City where gun violence has been on the rise, during his press conference on Friday.

Miller-Whitehead urged “any political official who has the authority to protect houses of worship.” “We require defense. We need you to feel sorry for us. We do not enjoy the privilege of owning weapons. We only need assistance in protecting ourselves. Pass legislation allowing us to carry firearms, as the degree of gun violence has increased.”

Some of the nation’s harshest gun control laws are in place in New York. After the Supreme Court issued a decision that was regarded as a triumph for the Second Amendment, finding that New York’s limits on concealed carry permits were unconstitutional, Hochul called a special session of the state legislature in June. She and other Democrats, including Adams, criticized the choice, claiming it would exacerbate the state’s already-problematic gun violence.

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