After an unknown gunman fired shots at a crowd near an Ohio club, at least nine people were hurt.


After someone started shooting on Sunday outside a pub in Cincinnati, at least nine people were hurt. The victims are not in critical condition, according to the police. The police say that the suspect was hiding while donning a white shirt and dark jeans. Join our weekday newsletter list to receive original analysis, news, and trends in your inbox. According to local press and authorities, a shooter fired on a crowd outside a pub in Cincinnati, Ohio, early on Sunday morning, injuring at least nine people.

At around 1:30 in the morning, the suspect fired their firearm downtown, according to NBC News .

According to the report, a responding officer shot the offender who was still firing at the scene, according to Cincinnati Police Department Lt. Colonel Mike John.

John told during a press conference , pointing out that the suspect had already left the area, “We do not know if that officer struck the person he was firing the gun on.”

The patients, according to John, had “lower extremities injuries” but weren’t in danger of dying. They were taken to the neighborhood hospital for medical attention.

When bullets were fired, people can be seen running in security tape obtained by WLWT . According to police, the suspect is not currently in custody. John described the person as having “a white shirt and dark jeans,” but that was all he said about them.

In a statement, Cincinnati Mayor Aftab Pureval said, “Today’s events are entirely and totally reprehensible.” “We cannot allow the use of weapons to settle conflicts to become commonplace in our society. I wish to thank the cops who were present on behalf of the City. Their timely action probably avoided the loss of life and shielded many more from harm.”