After monsoonal rains overwhelm a river, a town in Arizona must undergo a mass evacuation.


A strong downpour in Duncan, Arizona caused the Gila River to overflow, prompting evacuations. (Video Courtesy of KSAZ)
Tucson, Arizona A hamlet in eastern Arizona is in the midst of an evacuation after a river was flooded by severe rain.

According to the Duncan Valley Rural Fire District, the Gila River’s water levels rose to the point where water started to overflow into parts of Duncan at around 4:30 this morning. At that time, the Fire District was asked to help with an evacuation of the areas east of the Ranch House that were in the flood plane.

The Gila River gauge, which is roughly 5 miles southeast of Duncan, reportedly shattered the location’s all-time water level record with a reading of 30.28 feet.

According to Duncan officials, the bridge’s water levels had risen to a significant flood stage by Monday morning, when they measured 22.27 feet.

North of the city, the Greenlee Fairgrounds is being used as an evacuation center. Corrals are accessible to anyone who needs to move animals, according to the city.

In Duncan, Arizona, a river overflowed due to intense monsoonal rains. At 30.28 feet, the Gila River gauge, which is roughly 5 miles southeast of Duncan, broke the location’s previous record for highest water level.

EVACUATIONS IN PROGRESS According to officials in Duncan, it is currently necessary to evacuate all areas below High Street and the Chaparral Store.
locations consist of:

Ash St. Acacia St. Pecan St. Main St. Madison St. Hobbs St. Harwell St. Philpott Ave. Stadium St. Wilson St. Tyler Ln. West end opposite the car wash Cottonwood St. Church St. Gale Ave. East Ave. 4th below the highway 3rd below the highway Ash St. ARIZONA FLOODS THIS Weekend

After floodwaters soon engulfed the buses, the Pima County Sheriff’s Department in Arizona saved 39 pupils and two bus drivers.

As much as 8 inches of rain fell in certain areas of Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico from Friday through Sunday as a result of monsoon-driven storms. According to the FOX Weather Forecast Center, this only happens about every 2 to 10 years.

Arizona has reported the most flood damage this year with 467 total reports. The torrential rains cause devastating flash flooding in the Grand Canyon State.
Several routes in Cochise County, which is close to Duncan, had to be shut down over the weekend.