After the suspected identification of the missing kids, the family of Kiely Rodnis breaks their silence.


NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! The remains discovered in the Prosser Creek Reservoir on Sunday evening have not yet been formally identified by California authorities, but they are believed to be those of the missing 16-year-old Truckee whose shocking disappearance sparked a massive search effort in the mountains north of Lake Tahoe for more than two weeks.

The family of Kiely Rodnis made its first public statement on Monday after the recovery of the corpses of the missing teenagers.

The Rodni-Nieman family released a statement on Monday afternoon, saying, “We are forever grateful for the love and support you have shown us throughout the previous couple of weeks.” We have survived a storm of unimaginable power, and the army of warriors, matriarchs, healers, and assistants holding us up is the only reason we are still standing.

Rodni’s body was discovered in an SUV that had been submerged in water close to where she was last seen, according to a statement made by Nevada County Sheriff Shannan Moon earlier in the day.

Authorities announce the discovery of remains, likely those of missing teen KIELY RODNI, in the case.

Kiely Rodni shown in two undated photos

When Rodnis’ cellphone last ping occurred at 12:33 a.m. on August 6, a volunteer dive team with the organization Adventures With Purpose posted on Facebook on Sunday that it had made a somber discovery nearby in the Prosser Creek Reservoir. Local detectives sent out their own dive team to confirm the information, and they were spotted dragging the car out of the water.

On Monday morning, Sheriff Moon remarked, “We recovered the car. “A deceased person has been discovered inside the car. It could be our missing person, we think. Although it is more than likely, we have not been able to positively determine.”

The morning sun pours light upon us, reminding us not to lament our loss but to celebrate Kiely’s energy and the gift that we have all received in knowing her, even as we accept this melancholy put under death’s shadow.

The location had previously been “extensively examined,” according to the investigators, and the water level has subsequently fallen by more than three feet.

Kiely Rodni was last seen on Aug. 6 at the Prosser Family Campground in Truckee, California.

Rodnis’ strange circumstances-related disappearance was initially thought to be an abduction. In addition to a significant law enforcement presence, the case gained national attention and attracted volunteer search teams. However, after ten days of searching, the region remained vacant when the Adventures With Purpose crew arrived over the weekend.


When he witnessed alarming things in the news, Mr. Rogers was known for telling a story about looking for the helpers, according to the family. “Since you all came to our aid in full, we didn’t need to look for the helpers. You have our eternal gratitude.”

Kiely is a young woman with a “charismatic” personality and a sharp mind, according to friends. She was planning to go medical school after graduating from her California high school a few months before becoming 17 years old.

Kiely Rodni went missing on Aug. 6 just after midnight, shortly after telling her parents she was coming home.

According to the statement, “While we accept this pain brought on by death, the rising sun beams light upon us, reminding us not to lament our loss, but to celebrate Kiely’s spirit and the gift that we have all received in knowing her.” “Kiely will without a doubt stay with us even if we don’t get her back.”


The family went on to say:

“There are times when words fall short. Perhaps this is the reason why art, dance, and music are all frequently more successful means of bringing people together and eliciting our most primal feelings. Excuse us while we celebrate our daughter’s spirit and mend our spirits in private while dancing to the song of life.”

Sami Smith, a friend who claimed to have spent the entire evening with Rodni until she left the gathering at 12:20 a.m., claimed they had met a number of new people but no one who seemed unsettling. She did observe that Rodni appeared to be too inebriated to drive.

Smith, who left the campground just before Rodni was last heard from, claimed, “At the point that I left, I felt she was going to stay there.” “Everyone was encamped. She should have stayed since it was already beyond bedtime. She is not the kind to drive while intoxicated.”