Are You Poor at Using a Bullet Journal? Consider These Digital Options


You don’t have to be clean, artistic, or organized to make a successful diary, according to all the best advice on bullet journaling. In actuality, Ryder Carroll’s original Bullet Journal Method, which he developed and is taught by book (Opens in a new window) , website (Opens in a new window) , and $249 course (Opens in a new window) s, completely disregards artistry. Now, let’s be honest. Because only an artist could have created the bullet journal pages you’ve seen on Instagram and TikTok, they are frightening. Along with that intimidation comes the worry that you’ll damage the $25 notebook.

Therefore, a lot of people have bullet journal paralysis. Their notebook gathers dust as a result of their reluctance to write anything at all for concern that it would be unkempt and careless. (Remember that I use the term “bullet journaling” in a broad sense.) I uppercase Carroll’s technique when I refer to it expressly.)

Maybe bullet journaling didn’t work for you for some other reason, like how time-consuming the ostensible mindfulness exercises were. You can tell from some of the more beautiful posts, as Anna Russell phrased it in The New Yorker (Opens in a new window) , that the to-do list creation process took longer than the actual to-do list completion.

The alternative is better. You can use a technique that is: to obtain nearly all the advantages of bullet journaling.
not threatening
enables adjustments and tweaks along the route
does not necessitate time-consuming monthly transfers of useful notes to a new section or notebook.
If you already have a computer or mobile device, it won’t cost you any extra money.

The secret? Move online. And I’m not even talking about investing in a bullet journal software since the correct to-do list or note-taking tool can help you accomplish your goals more effectively.

If you’re set on keeping a handwritten bullet journal, you can continue to do so while digitizing your notes. I’ll explain how to do this in a moment. The tactile sensation of paper is the only thing you lose when you go digital, and you gain so much more.

A SUMMARY OF WHAT A BULLET JOURNAL IS Here is a quick explanation of bullet journaling: The original Bullet Journal Method makes use of a paper notebook in which you write down and organize everything you need to do and remember for each month, creating an index at the front. Each page must follow a specific formula, which Ryder Carroll outlines in detail in his original 2013 video about bullet journaling (Opens in a new window) .

fantastic free templates (Opens in a new window) to use as a journaling prompt. Although Notability works best on an iPad, it may also be used on iPhones and Macs.


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The next apps, also for the iPad and iPhone, are Notes Plus X ($9.99) and Notes Plus (Opens in a new window) ($9.99). The main distinction between the two is that, if necessary, Notes Plus supports previous iPadOS and iOS versions. This program has some wonderful features that help you focus on your job by reducing distractions.

Penultimate, a different note-taking app for the iPad that allows sketching and stylus input, comes in last in this list. Since it’s owned by the same firm as Evernote and you can easily put your notes there, it’s helpful for folks who also use Evernote. Although it is free to download, the full functionality, including the ability to search your notes and store them to all of your devices, is only available if you have a premium Evernote account, which is pricey.

There are many other app recommendations if you research digital journaling, especially for the iPad. I’ve used a lot of those other applications, but I don’t feel comfortable suggesting them because of how difficult they are to use, how little features they have, or for any other reason they don’t provide a good quality experience. I do have a couple additional suggestions for note-taking software and hardware that are not limited to the iPad.

Toddledo image 4 Toodledo was already discussed, so let’s move on. To be honest, it could be enhanced in a few areas as its primary purpose is as a to-do list app. Toodledo, however, comes to mind as the top to-do list software for those looking to create a bullet journal. It provides numerous tools for making to-do lists and adding information to them. In the notes or outline areas of Toodledo, you can record extra ideas, such as your objectives. This program will be perfect for you if you prefer spending a lot of time customizing your tools. It is accessible online and can be downloaded as an iPhone and Android app. For Windows and macOS, there are no desktop programs, but the web app is functional as long as you’re connected to the internet.

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