Arrests are made during a food brawl over chocolate bars at a Texas Hooters: watch the movie



Two of the seven individuals engaged in an altercation at a Hooters in north Texas this month have been detained after a fight broke out over a few chocolate bars.

According to information from Fox 4, on October 6, two kids entered a Hooters restaurant in Plano, Texas, to sell chocolate bars. That’s when a brawl started.

The accused attacked patrons and staff members of the restaurant, including the manager, as the brawl was captured on tape.


According to the Plano Police Department, when Hooters staff asked the youngsters to leave the building, the kids instead started kicking over chairs and tossing objects.

Next, the boys proceeded to a waiting automobile. Three adult males entered the restaurant after exiting the vehicle.
According to Plano police, that is when the men turned on the manager and a customer who was attempting to assist.
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In a statement to Fox 4, Detective Jerry Minton claimed that the manager had been struck by a hard item.
The manager allegedly suffered a broken arm and a concussion after being struck with a metal pipe.
Customers had to scramble to safety as the brawl grew and one of the attackers threw a standing ashtray through the window.

According to Fox 4, Det. Minton stated, “It seemed like they were trying to do everything they could to prevent the assault from taking place inside the restaurant.”

Two of the accused, Jeremiah Powell, 19, and Tony Marshall, 20, are in police custody.
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The twin brother of Powell, Jay Powell, age 19, is a third suspect who was still at large as of Wednesday, according to the police.

According to Plano Police Officer Jennifer Chapman, collecting two of the three is a start, but there is still work to be done, and there are still “consequences” for individuals involved.

We had a specific vehicle in mind, and the community had provided some ideas, she said.
“Everyone who participated ought to face the repercussions.”

According to the City of Plano crime comparison report, 2022 has seen a violent crime rate of just 1.02 per 1,000 people, maintaining the reputation of Plano as a safe community.