Austin Butler, an Elvis impersonator, claims that after the director made the audience boo him while he was singing, he “went home in tears.”


In “Elvis,” Austin Butler underwent a lot to play the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis Presley. He worked on the voice for months and was even taken to the hospital.

Butler, however, admitted that his director also played mind tricks on him.

Butler claimed in a cover story for VMAN that director Baz Luhrmann planned up a scene where he would be jeered while attempting to sing like Presley during filming.

Baz wanted me to come as near to performing as possible on my first day in the recording studio, he claimed. He called everyone from RCA, including the executives who were still in the offices, into the recording studio and said, “I want you all to sit facing Austin. He told everybody to heckle me.”

They began making fun of me and other things as I was singing, he said.