Baby found abandoned in trash by Texas college student who is preparing to adopt


NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! The mission of a college student from Texas to adopt a child he saw abandoned in Haiti years ago has gained widespread attention.

When Jimmy Amisial, then 27 years old, traveled to the Caribbean to see relatives for the new year in 2017, he was a student at Texas State University.

Emilio Angel Jeremiah, now 4 years old, was found abandoned in a pile of trash during that trip. He was just 4 months old at the time.

Amisial stated to FOX 26 Houston. that the man was crying, was unclothed, and had fire ants crawling all over him. “No one wanted to touch the infant because they believed the child was cursed; they said the devil was out to get us on New Year’s Eve.”


Family photo shared by Texas man working to adopt baby he found in trash in Haiti.

According to Amisial, who frequently works at orphanages in Haiti, he didn’t think twice about picking up the infant and taking him home.

According to reports, Haitian law enforcement officials and a judge went to his family’s home and asked the 22-year-old college student if he wanted to be the child’s legal guardian.

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Jimmy Amisial and Emilio Angel Jeremiah

Amisial remarked, “Even though I had no idea how I was going to care for him, I took a leap of faith by saying yes.

Since taking up the child’s care, Amisial has experienced financial difficulties. He missed school to help Emilio and his mother, who is raising the child in Haiti, by providing for them.

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Jimmy Amisial is making headlines after his mission to adopt a baby he found in the trash back home went viral.

Amisial says he doesn’t regret choosing to be a single father, despite the fact that the adoption procedure in his native country is pricey.

“He always says, “Oh daddy, I need this,” and “I need that,” when he speaks to me. He has someone he can ask for things from: “I need a tablet, buy me a bike,” and I’m extremely proud of that “said Amisial.