Biden and South African President Ramaphosa will speak about the Ukraine conflict.


President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa will meet with President Joe Biden in the Oval Office on Friday. It’s anticipated that they will talk about the conflict in Ukraine.

Prior to their April encounter, a senior administration official referred to it as “a honest and open conversation about what was happening in Ukraine.” “There was a lot of listening, a lot of consultation,” the official continued.

Regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Ramaphosa has refrained from criticizing it, and his nation has generally maintained its neutrality throughout the conflict.

The official stated, “As the dispute has developed, we are interested to hear South Africa’s position on how do we end the conflict justly, and what are the methods to achieve that. According to the new U.S.-Africa strategy, the administration believes it is crucial to consult with African partners about global concerns and gain their viewpoints in order to develop a more efficient, considerate, and inclusive policy, the source added.

The official mentioned that trade, investment, infrastructure, environment and energy, and health issues could also be high topics for both nations.

The representative underlined that South Africa has received $8 billion from the United States since 2004 to fight HIV/AIDS and praised it for taking the lead in the global campaign against the Covid pandemic.

Ramaphosa, 69, is both the leader of the African National Congress and the president of South Africa since 2018. Prior to that, he served as South Africa’s deputy president and as chair of the African Union.