Biden’s election-year policies are timed to increase voter turnout: Democrat strategists


To prevent a Republican landslide in November, President Biden is using all of his executive authority. Democratic strategists told Fox News Digital that the president is hopeful a succession of executive moves will increase Democratic voter turnout and deflect GOP attacks on topics like inflation.

There is little doubt that Biden and the Democrats are fusing their political messaging for the midterm elections with what they can do in the executive branch of government, according to Mark Penn, a Democratic pollster, strategist, and contributor to Fox News.

Since Biden in particular has such low approval ratings, he felt compelled to act.

Biden’s recent executive moves, according to strategists, seem to be focused on encouraging young voters—who disproportionately support Democrats—to cast ballots. They use the president’s recent actions to forgive individuals with federal marijuana possession convictions and to forgive student loans totaling more than $20,000 as evidence.


According to polls, a majority of young voters favor both ideas. Younger Americans are also more likely to gain financially from Biden’s student loan handout than older ones will, even though it will cost an estimated $500 billion over the following ten years.

‘It is good policy, but it might also inspire base voters as the midterms look more and more like a turnout election,’ said Democratic strategist and former surrogate for Biden Kevin Walling.

In 2020, Biden narrowly defeated former President Trump for the White House thanks in part to younger voters. The group has since expressed ambivalence for Biden and Democrats, though.


Since Biden’s executive steps in recent weeks, that seems to have altered. The president’s support rating increased three points over the previous month to 46%, according to a Fox News poll released last Thursday. An eight-point increase in Biden’s favorable rating among voters under 45 was a major contributor to the increase.

According to Chris Anderson, a Democratic pollster who assisted in the study, “the base is behind him in a way they weren’t just a few months ago.”

To further increase his appeal to millennials, Biden declared on Tuesday that the Democratic Party would work to have abortion rights codified into federal law if it wins re-election to Congress in November.

Especially when it comes to the right to choose, the choice and the stakes are obvious, Biden said the Washington, D.C., Howard Theatre crowd. Voting is required if you care about the freedom to make your own decisions.

In an effort to bring down gas costs, the White House has released millions of barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve since last year.

According to strategists, Biden’s use of the executive branch to advance Democrats is also evident when it comes to petrol costs.

In an effort to bring down gas costs, the White House has released millions of barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve since last year. Prices dropped throughout the summer but are still much higher than they were when Biden first took office, so the strategy has had mixed results.

Republicans assert that the president used the government’s oil reserve, which was maintained on hand in case of an emergency or natural calamity, to further his political ambitions.

Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas stated, “We don’t have the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to float Joe Biden’s dismal poll numbers and attempt to help the Democrats crawl into a midterm election.”

GOP legislators claim that the White House’s political scheming was highlighted last month when it was charged with pressing Saudi Arabia and other oil-producing nations to postpone production curbs until after the midterm elections.

Republicans are only upset because Biden’s decision to use the strategic reserve has undermined their general election messaging, according to Democratic strategists who take a more nuanced stance.

Voters are still concerned about the high price of petrol, but they are also noticing a decline in costs from this summer’s peak, according to a Democratic strategist who wished to remain anonymous to discuss the Biden White House. Republicans definitely still stand to gain somewhat, but the price difference between paying almost $5 per gallon in July and slightly under $4 in October is substantial.

Biden has recently taken a number of lesser executive orders outside of big policy directions that could help incumbent Democrats fighting for re-election.

During a trip to the West Coast last week, Biden declared that he would turn Camp Hale, a World War II U.S. Army training facility in Colorado, into a national monument. Sen. Michael Bennet, a Democrat from Colorado who is up for re-election this year but is facing a tougher-than-expected campaign, has long advocated for the project.