Boy, 15, detained in connection with Hollywood High School overdose death


According to authorities, a 15-year-old boy has been detained in relation to this week’s overdose death of a 15-year-old girl at a Los Angeles high school.

Two days after two 15-year-old girls at Helen Bernstein High School in the 1300 block of North Wilton Place in Hollywood seemed to have overdosed, the youngster was arrested on charge of manslaughter Thursday morning.

A student discovered dead in the restroom. According to NBC Los Angeles, the coroner’s office identified her as Melanie Ramos. The second girl is still in the hospital and is alive.

According to the police, the girls bought what they thought to be Percocet. Authorities believe it contained fentanyl, a synthetic opioid with an 50 times stronger than heroin potency.

According to authorities, the 15-year-old suspect attends Apex Academy, a public charter school that is not a part of the Los Angeles Unified School District and that is located on the same campus as Bernstein.

When he was arrested at his grandmother’s house, he had other pills that were thought to be the same opioid, according to LAPD Chief Michael Moore. Authorities believe those pills contain fentanyl as well.

According to the chief, the teen had a few minor run-ins with the law regarding curfew and tobacco possession but no other criminal activity.
Moore gave a description of the tragedy involving the school overdose during the press conference.

He claimed that the females are thought to have bought the pill on the school’s property and then gone to the restroom to crush and snort it. Both teenagers seemed to nod off.

The teenager who had survived found her buddy unconscious when she awoke. When she stepped outside the school, her stepfather was looking for her. She told him about her friend and he attempted to help her.

The friend was pronounced dead when Los Angeles fire personnel arrived on the scene.
The origin of the tablets is the subject of an extensive research.

Fire officials claimed that after attending to the overdoses of the females, they also responded to two more complaints of overdoses in the Lexington Park neighborhood, about a half-mile south of the school, which were also thought to involve high school students.

A second juvenile, 16, who went to Apex Academy, was detained in connection with the drug transaction in the park, according to Moore’s announcement on Thursday. He will face charges of drug sales. He was identified as the 15-year-old suspect’s close friend.

Because of their ages, their names were kept a secret.
The other overdose victim from the park drug trade has not yet been identified, although police have spoken to one of them.

Because these two people, who are 15 and 16, are only moving and “soldiering,” as Moore put it, this distribution, “our task does not stop,” Moore added. “This is being done by a drug organization.”

He declared that the High Intensity Narcotics Trafficking Areas Task Force and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration will conduct an investigation to determine who is providing the two teenagers’ drug supply. Moore promised to bring “strong prosecution” to bear.

Alberto Carvalho, superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District, addressed at the press conference. He said he visited Ramos’ family on Wednesday morning before remarking the overdose death does irreversible harm to the neighborhood.

At the press conference, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti declared, “These are not overdoses. “These are folks who have been poisoned. These are murders.”