California landscapers find an odd object under the lawn; the homeowner was unaware


While working on a landscaping project Thursday morning, homeowners in California’s Silicon Valley found a car that had been buried, according to the police.

In response to an allegation of a vehicle being buried, members of the Atherton Police Department went to a house in the 300 block of Stockbridge Avenue.

When it was found, the car was 4 to 5 feet below ground and had unused bags of concrete, according to the authorities. The vehicle was a Mercedes, driven by a contractor.

Months after the destructive car attack, criminals in California burst into an ice cream shop.

Due to the “unknown nature” of the reason why the vehicle was buried, investigators dispatched cadaver dogs to the location. Police said that the dogs made a “slight notice” of probable human remains, but as of early Friday morning, none had been found.

San Mateo Crime Lab was contacted by Atherton police as well, and they deployed technicians to help with the dig.

Before the present owner moved into the house, the police claimed the car was probably buried in the 1990s. Through the evening, investigators remained at the scene.

The reason and circumstances are still being looked into. No other information was provided.
According to property records, the home’s current owners paid $15 million for the expansive 12,643 square foot estate with a tennis court and pool.
According to the documents, the previous owners resided in the house from 1990 to 2014.
The current homeowners are not under investigation, according to Atherton Police Cmdr. Daniel Larsen.