Constance Wu discusses why she never made a harassment claim against a “Fresh Off the Boat” producer in public.


Constance Wu said that a “Fresh Off the Boat” producer had harassed her sexually. She claimed that she remained silent in order to preserve the Asian American representation on the show. Other Asian performers, she claimed, were hounded by this anonymous producer. Morning Brew is read by more than 3 million people; you should too! Constance Wu said that a “Fresh Off the Boat” producer had harassed her sexually in an interview that aired on Wednesday’s episode of “Red Table Talk,” .

After tweeting in 2019 that she was disappointed that ABC had decided to renew “Fresh Off the Boat” for a sixth season, Wu received negative feedback from the public. Following the issue, she retired from the spotlight for three years.

“It’s amusing because I was essentially getting canceled for being disrespectful and uncouth. In addition, they criticized my lack of consideration for other cast members’ jobs, calling it selfish and accusing me of acting diva-like, according to the “Crazy Rich Asians” “said star.

She revealed to “Red Table Talk” hosts Jada Pinkett Smith, Adrienne Banfield-Norris, and Willow Smith that during her first few years on “Fresh Off the Boat,” she experienced constant sexual harassment, intimidation, and threats.

In her memoir “Making a Scene,” which was published on Tuesday, Wu wrote about the events. She claimed that the director, whom she declined to identify, advised her to don short skirts while she still could.

He called her late at night, asking for selfies, according to excerpts from her book that were read out on the program. She claimed that on one occasion, he touched her pelvic region and attempted to stroke her leg.

Wu claimed that she was reluctant to speak up for fear of coming off as uncool and that she preferred to appear to be “part of the boys’ club.” Wu added that she covered up her experiences so as not to damage the producer’s reputation.

She said on “Red Table Talk” that she didn’t want to tarnish the one show with allegations of sexual harassment against the one Asian American man who was carrying out all of this better work for the community because “this show was sort of a beacon of representation for Asian Americans, and I sort of became a symbol of representation.”

at The Atlantic Festival in September .

ABC representatives did not immediately react to Insider’s request for comment, according to The Atlantic (@TheAtlantic). When contacted by Insider, Wu’s representatives declined to comment and suggested that readers look up more information on the incident in Wu’s most recent book, “Making a Scene.”