Dallas mother stuck in floodwater minutes after leaving off daughter at school: “It was pretty horrible.”


After the Dallas area received a foot of rain on Monday morning, Kirshae Green describes what it felt like to be stuck in floodwaters on FOX Weather.

After being trapped in floodwater for a few minutes after dropping off her kid at school due to torrential rains that caused a catastrophic flash flood in the Dallas-Fort Worth area on Monday morning, a mother from Dallas is safe.

The morning began, according to Kirshae Green, like any other.
“It was just a typical day. Just a typical wet day, “Reddish added.
She claimed that she had to drive slowly on the highway but managed to transport her daughter to school without incident.
However, when she began to drive home, the state of the road started to deteriorate.

According to storm chaser Brandon Clement, “Amazing water rescue on Interstate 30 in the heart of Dallas. On I-30 at I-75, stranded travelers struggle for their lives.”

Green replied, “I’m going home, and the outside is quickly turning awful.” “Okay, well, I guess we can get there, I’m thinking. Not really that horrible. I was mistaken. I was entirely mistaken.”

She was stranded in floodwater just moments after dropping off her daughter.
Green said, “It was pretty awful, really fast. I drop her off at 8, so I’m stranded by 8:05.
On an overpass, she sat in her car and observed as individuals below her also got caught.
Green remarked, “Like 18-wheelers were beneath water.”

Watch a video of drivers at an underpass swimming from their vehicles before soon plunging in floodwaters. When he carried a woman to safety, FOX Weather’s Robert Ray transformed from reporter to rescuer.

Schools were phoning to cancel classes at that moment.

They call to say, “Hey, we’re letting the kids out of school,” Green said, “so as I’m still on the freeway.” And I think, “Oh, no, I’m afraid.”

Green claims that friends were able to pick up her kid from school and carry her home safely since she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to go to collect her.

She said, “It was sort of scary for me when I got trapped, and I know it would have been terrible for her. Thank God she wasn’t in the car with me.”

Green finally made it home to her daughter some hours later.
After her car was submerged in floodwaters, a 60-year-old woman was reported dead in Dallas, Texas.

Millions of people are at risk after flash flood warnings were issued for the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex on Monday morning. Her car was washed away by floodwaters, and authorities verified that at least one person perished as a result.

After certain sections of North Texas received more than a foot of rain, the area saw life-threatening flash flooding. Since Sunday night, Dallas alone has seen over 15 inches of rain.

Since late Sunday night, authorities had responded to more than 130 reports about high water as of early Monday afternoon.
Steve Bender, a meteorologist, describes the meteorological circumstances that led to the flooding in Dallas.

Robert Ray, a multimedia journalist with FOX Weather, was getting ready for a live shot when a car drove onto a wet road and got stuck. He reacted quickly and was able to pull a woman out of the floodwaters.

Ray explained, “She genuinely didn’t see when guys pulled in as I was setting up for the photo. “Her automobile was floating when you awoke the next morning. So I walked outside and did the best I could to push her car.”

The potential of heavy rain and flash flooding will shift south and east Monday afternoon and evening, with North Texas dealing with the most rain until lunchtime. Later on Monday, cities like Austin, San Antonio, and finally Houston will be in danger, and regions of Louisiana and Mississippi could have showers and thunderstorms all day long.