Donald Trump requests that a judge evaluate the startlingly harsh Mar-a-Lago search


WASHINGTON Former President Donald Trump requested on Monday that a special master be appointed to supervise the handling of the papers found during the search of his Mar-a-Lago home two weeks prior.

The search warrant’s “overbroad” breadth is criticized by Trump’s team in the court filing, which also requests that the judge order the Justice Department to give over any materials that are not covered by it. The Justice Department’s choice to search the Florida estate in Palm Beach on August 8 is also referred to in the lawsuit as a “shockingly aggressive maneuver.”

It was reiterated earlier on Monday that there was “probable cause that evidence of several federal offenses will be uncovered” at the estate, and the federal magistrate judge who approved the search reaffirmed his decision to do so.

Judge Bruce Reinhart of the Southern District of Florida stated, “I was and am confident that the facts sworn by the affiant are reliable. I carefully studied the Affidavit before signing the Warrant.

According to Anthony Coley, a spokesperson for the Justice Department, the United States will react to Trump’s accusations through the legal system.

According to him, a federal court approved the Mar-a-Lago search warrant on August 8 after determining that there was sufficient reasonable cause. “The motion from this evening is known to the department. The United States will submit a court answer.

A statement that Trump had his attorney deliver to a senior Justice Department attorney on August 11, just days after the search, was also included in Trump’s declaration on Monday.

“President Trump wants the Attorney General to know that he has been hearing about the raid from individuals all around the nation. Their state of mind may best be summed up in one word: angry. The temperature is rising. Pressure is increasing. Please let us know if there is anything I can do to reduce the temperature or the pressure, the message said, according to the document.

Attorney General Merrick Garland said at a news conference hours after the phone call that the Justice Department had attempted to unseal some of the search warrant paperwork.

In a court document, Trump faults Garland for holding a press conference that was “hurriedly arranged” and “an ill-founded reaction to the public outrage” around the search.

According to the court document, Trump’s Fourth Amendment rights may have been in jeopardy.

“Law enforcement serves as a cover for Americans. It cannot be utilized as a political tool, the motion declares. “As a result of an extraordinary and unnecessary raid on President Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, we are seeking judicial help.

Examine the court document below: