Election day is in 100 days, and America has 100 days to reject Democrats’ absurd, far-left policies.


NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! The American people will get the opportunity to reject Joe Biden’s failing presidency for the first time in 100 days.

As a result of Biden’s inattention, the cost of food and basic household goods has increased, gas prices have reached record highs, illegal immigrants and dangerous drugs are pouring across our porous southern border, and crime is on the rise all across the nation. This is in addition to Democrats’ disastrous leadership of the House and Senate.

Our country is in a recession, according to every economic indicator. But since Biden and his White House spin doctors don’t have a strategy to resolve the crises they brought about, you won’t hear this from them.


Prior to the release of the second quarter GDP figures, the White House made an effort to clarify what is meant by a “recession.”

The Post found the stickers on gas pumps at a Shell Station.

The truth is that crippling inflation is wiping out households’ savings and decreasing incomes.

In the United States, households saw an increase in costs of about $500 in June as a result of inflation hitting a 41-year high.
After accounting for inflation, average hourly wages were down 3.6 percent from just one year earlier.
Biden has started a full-scale attack on American energy, which has driven up gas costs and put hard-working Americans through real hardship at the pump.
Democrats forced their $1.9 trillion far-left wish list through Congress at the start of 2021 despite Republican reservations regarding probable economic harm.
Democrats’ reckless spending and extreme policies, which contributed to the recession, must be held accountable.
Democrats’ backing of the extreme “Defund the Police” movement has led to an increase in violent crime and murder.
Democrats have made our neighborhoods less safe by cutting police spending, abolishing cash bail, and letting violent convicts back on the streets.
Murder rates in more than 15 American cities in 2021 broke previous records.

To make matters worse, Democrats’ smear campaign against the valiant people in blue has made it extremely difficult for police agencies to find the quality officers they need to protect our neighborhoods.

Nearly 200 police departments around the nation were surveyed by the Police Executive Research Forum, which discovered that between April 2020 and April 2021, there were 45 percent more retirements and 18 percent more resignations.

Democrats haven’t simply sided with criminals over law enforcement; Biden has also given the murderous drug cartels and illegal immigration control of our southern border.

Over 200,000 interactions with illegal immigrants occurred in June for the fourth month in a row, and more than 3.1 million migrants have been admitted since Joe Biden has been president.