Forcing his pregnant wife off a cliff in order to collect on an insurance claim, a Turkish man was sentenced to life in jail.


A Turkish man who threw his pregnant wife down a cliff so he could claim her life insurance policy was found guilty and given a life sentence in jail.

After being found guilty of shoving his 32-year-old pregnant wife Semra Aysal, who was seven months pregnant at the time, off a cliff while on vacation at a well-known tourist destination in southern Turkey in June 2018, Hakan Aysal, 41, was given a life term in prison.

Authorities think Aysal persuaded his wife to take a picture on the cliff’s edge before shoving her over.

Authorities claim that when his wife died in the fall from the 1,000-foot cliff, Aysal attempted to cash in on a life insurance policy he had purchased before to the crime, valued about $25,000. However, a police probe allegedly stopped him from doing so.

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Aysal initially asserted his innocence, but he later added an insanity defense that the Fethiye High Criminal Court finally rejected.
Aysal’s composure after the occurrence raised suspicions that the death was deliberate, according to witnesses to the murder and the couple’s family.
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The victim’s older brother, Naim Yolcu, testified in court, “Hakan was sitting in the car when we went to the Forensic Medicine Institute to fetch the body.” Hakan did not even seem upset, despite the fact that my family and I were decimated.

Yolcu said, “My sister was never in favor of taking out loans.” But after she passed away, we discovered that she had debts taken out on my sister’s name by Hakan.