Fox Business Network rings the famous Nasdaq opening bell to mark its 15th anniversary.


Friday morning saw Fox Business Network President Lauren Petterson and the network’s celebrities ring the Nasdaq opening bell in honor of FBN’s 15th anniversary .

15 years after FBN introduced a daring new way for Americans to consume financial news, the ecstatic crew rang the recognizable bell at 9:30 am ET to officially open the market. Liz Claman, Elizabeth MacDonald, Lisa ‘Kennedy’ Montgonery, David Asman, Lauren Simonetti, Stuart Varney, Dagen McDowell, Charles Payne, Larry Kudlow, Fox Business stars Maria Bartiromo, and Elizabeth MacDonald were also there with Petterson.

As trading started, some clapped and waved while Varney appeared to perform his interpretation of the royal wave.


According to Nasdaq, the bell-ringing ceremony is intended to honor a company’s “achievements and accomplishments before a global audience.”
Prior to the event, Bartiromo participated in the festivities by making a live appearance on FBN from the Nasdaq MarketSite.

We are genuinely looking both forward and back. At Fox Business, we’ve accomplished a lot of firsts. For example, Neil Cavuto and I participated in two presidential debates. We’ve broadened our coverage, and whenever someone asks me about Fox Business, I usually reply that we have a wider mission than any other cable channel, according to Bartiromo.

For the 40th consecutive week, FOX News dominates MSNBC and CNN to finish with cable’s largest audience.

“Your economy—not the economy—is at stake.” It has to do with your stock market, not the stock market. Every part of our viewers’ lives is involved. That is our more general mandate, and we adore it, she continued. “We’re so happy to be here and to celebrate 15 years has just been a wonderful day, and we’re all very proud of it,” the group exclaimed.

On October 15, 2007, the U.S. was on the verge of an economic crisis when Fox Business Network debuted. With a strategy that targets Main Street as well as Wall Street, the network forever altered how business news is reported. For the second consecutive quarter, FBN had a greater Business Day audience than CNBC at the conclusion of the third quarter of 2022.


There are now more individual investors participating in this market than ever before. Some of them are players without even realizing it thanks to their own savings and pension plans. key figures. key participants. They deserve a straightforward, unadorned vision of the world from us. Their world is this. their upcoming. According to original presenter Neil Cavuto of Fox News Digital, “I think one of the things of which I’m most pleased, of which ‘we’ are most proud, is how FBN democratized business news, and not just through the prism of our financial capital but our nation’s capital.”

Even if you don’t own stock, you still own stock in this country, we understood this early on. You cover taxes. You invest money into programs that you believe will support you. That was ours. We comprehend that. We enforce that. We keep hammering that,” Cavuto added. I frequently tell folks that we are green and not red or blue. only green money alone. Who is using it and who is throwing it away? In this nation, we cover more than just equities. We assess the state of the nation. For an excessive amount of time, business channels failed to pass the standard of comprehensive coverage. I want to think that we made a shift.

Fox Business said earlier this month that its popular programming lineup program, FBN Prime, would resume airing and continue to highlight achievements in important American companies.