Georgia’s Senate election is roiled by an abortion scandal. Neither candidate is eager to talk about it.


GA SAVANNAH The Daily Beast reported on Wednesday that Herschel Walker’s ex-girlfriend, whose abortion he is claimed to have paid for in 2009, is also the mother of one of his four children. This is the latest development in the drama surrounding the Republican Senate candidate.

However, neither candidate wanted to discuss it the following day.

When questioned about The Daily Beast’s allegation on Thursday, Walker, who favors an outright ban on abortion, made another categorical denial, telling reporters following a campaign event in Wadley: “The abortion stuff is incorrect.” It is false.

Democrats are fighting tooth and nail for this seat. This chair is significant. They’re fighting tooth and nail for this seat, Walker said.

Sen. Raphael Warnock, his Democratic opponent, dodged two NBC News questions about whether he accepts Walker’s claims and if he thinks Georgians can trust Walker. The Georgian people then turned to Warnock to express their support for abortion rights, stating they needed a senator who would assist women.

Walker and Warnock delivered their stump addresses Thursday at opposing rallies. Walker described how he began playing football in Johnson County before moving on to the University of Georgia and the professional game. In addition to outlining his policy accomplishments over the previous two years in the Senate, Warnock mentioned his background as a Baptist preacher. These accomplishments ranged from the family tax credit in the American Rescue Plan to a highway amendment he co-authored with Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas. He declared that if he is elected again, he will work to have Medicaid expanded in Georgia.

The recent story on Walker’s troubled past, which also includes charges of domestic violence and threats against his ex-wife, neither of them referenced the abortion allegations. Walker claims in a recent advertisement that he had mental health challenges but overcame them despite never having been charged with a crime.

When pressed on certain subjects, Warnock exercised caution.

It’s disturbing what we’re hearing about my opponent. Without specifically addressing the abortion issue, Warnock told reporters on Thursday that Georgians “have a real choice about who they think is ready to represent them in the United States Senate.”

According to The Daily Beast, the woman told a close friend about the alleged abortion at the time, and the friend reportedly took care of the woman in the days following the procedure. In addition, it released what the lady claimed to be a get-well card signed by Walker and stated that she had given both the abortion clinic’s receipt and a bank deposit with a photo of the check Walker wrote to reimburse her for the surgery. The Daily Beast claimed that in order to respect the woman’s privacy, it did not name her.

Walker denied the story and stated that he intended to sue the website for libel.

The detente is the result of various elements. Warnock is hesitant to criticize his rival because he is obviously uncomfortable with personal politics. While Warnock’s supporters perceive the issue more as a conflict between Walker and Georgia voters, they ask why they should allow their opponent the opportunity to mention him.

Instead, outside Democratic organizations have assumed the role of attack dogs and are keeping an eye on the situation to see if there are any chances for them to become involved. Beyond that, Warnock’s core supporters appear to favor him shifting his attention elsewhere.

Arlene Gioia expressed her desire for Warnock to avoid the controversy surrounding Walker’s history during a rally in Savannah, where he was born and reared. Before Warnock approached the stage, she remarked, “It’s not even that important. She places great importance on Democrats keeping control of the Senate and combating Republican “extremism.”

Warnock shouldn’t try to capitalize on the story, according to 24-year-old student and bartender Maggie Hickey. She claimed that it was damaging to bring up a woman’s past suffering and referred to the Walker disclosures as regrettable rather than shocking.

She added of Walker, “He’s famous. I suppose that’s his main platform.
Death from 1,000 Cuts

In one of the most competitive elections in the nation this fall, the claim that Walker paid for an abortion—which NBC News has not independently verified—elevates questions of character and political hypocrisy. Walker declares on his campaign website that he is pro-life and pro-family. He is supporting candidates that believe that ending a pregnancy is the same as murder and is running on a vehemently anti-abortion platform.

How much the story will alter the calcified political landscape, where a sizable majority of voters seem immovable, remains to be seen, especially if neither candidate wants to bring it up. Following the disclosures, national Republicans and pro-life organizations rallied around Walker, but there has been little indication that core GOP voters in this country have been affected. Republicans have also cited an earlier allegations of abuse by Warnock’s ex-wife and an child custody argument between the two.

The race could determine which party controls the Senate, which is now evenly divided and presided over by Vice President Kamala Harris.

Dana Loesch, a conservative radio presenter, said this week on her broadcast that she is only worried about one issue right now. So I don’t care if Herschel Walker paid to kill baby eagles who were in danger of extinction; I want to control the Senate.

Small changes can make a big difference in Georgia, a state that is extremely competitive. In 2020, Joe Biden won Georgia by fewer than 12,000 votes, and Democrats later prevailed in two Senate seats by two percentage points or less.

According to Charles Bullock, a political science professor at the University of Georgia, where Walker played college football and won the Heisman Trophy, this latest revelation may not change hundreds of thousands of votes, but it may cause tens of thousands of people who would have voted for Herschel Walker to switch to the Democratic Party or skip this election.

Walker, whose honesty and morality are being questioned more and more, is lagging behind Republican Gov. Brian Kemp and other GOP statewide candidates, according to Bullock, who claimed that the report adds to a death by a thousand cuts scenario for him.

This is the final straw for folks who are mostly white and college-educated, he added, who live in the suburbs.
Walker’s supporters, however, are adamant that the story will end.

This has no effect on anyone at all. It won’t make a difference, according to a Walker adviser who wished to remain anonymous in order to talk openly. And if it doesn’t, the Democrats are going to go completely insane.