Hollywood celebrities Sydney Sweeney and Amanda Seyfried are the first to speak out against filming naked scenes.


NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! Celebrities differ greatly in their level of comfort in front of the camera, particularly when it comes to shooting a scene that calls for either partial or complete nudity.

Actress Sydney Sweeney of “White Lotus” has vowed to keep performing nude scenes because they have given her the self-assurance to love her body exactly as it is, while actress Amanda Seyfried of “The Dropout” acknowledged earlier this month that she once felt pressured to strip off at the start of her career.

An intimacy coordinator would be present on location for Sweeney, who recorded numerous intimate sequences as Cassie Howard on Sam Levinson’s “Euphoria,” to ensure the actress was encouraged and at ease when any scenes were being shot.

The demand for intimacy coordinators in the business will only increase as audiences enjoy the variety of storytelling given on streaming networks as opposed to cable television, according to Dr. Jessica Steinrock, a trained Intimacy Coordinator registered with SAG-AFTRA.

“This position is quite new. It kind of got going in 2018 when HBO committed to having an intimacy coordinator on all of their filming locations “She said. “An intimacy coordinator is present to give security and structure for intimate sequences. Those are scenes of nudity, simulated sex, or simulated genital contact.”

Intimacy coordinators have been integrated into productions as a result of the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements, according to Steinrock, who claimed that intimacy coordinators “have always been required” for cast and crew.

SYDNEY SWEENEY, the star of “Euphoria,” claims that no one took her work seriously since she was exposed.

Amanda Seyfried (seen in June) and Sydney Sweeney (pictured in March) have both discussed their experiences filming nude scenes as Hollywood stars.

Sweeney told The Hollywood Reporter in July that “people forget that I’m playing a character, they assume, Oh, she goes naked onscreen, she’s a sex icon” in reference to the numerous naked sequences she had to film for the HBO series.

“I am unable to go past that. I won’t stop acting in those situations because I have no issues with them, but I wish there was a simpler way to have an honest discussion about the stereotypes that exist about actors in the industry.”

Levinson has previously complied with Sweeney’s requests to eliminate out-of-character nude moments.

The 24-year-old said, “There are times when’my character’ Cassie was supposed to go shirtless and I would tell Sam, I dont really believe thats required here. “OK, we don’t need that, he said. Sam has never made me feel like he was trying to sneak a naked scene into an HBO show or pushing it on me. He didn’t force me to do anything I didn’t want to do.”

Although the set of “Euphoria” employs intimacy coordinators, Sweeney claimed in a January interview with The Independent that she’s had unpleasant experiences with past playing roles and felt “disgusting” after filming a challenging scene.

“I didn’t feel at ease among my castmate or the crew, and I simply didn’t think my character would be acting in that way. I felt much more self-conscious as a result. I was reluctant to speak up because “said Sweeney.

Similar sentiments were recently expressed by Seyfried, who claimed that in order to continue working in the entertainment industry, she felt compelled to perform naked sequences at a young age.

“You’ve got to be kidding me, I’m 19 and I’m wandering around without my underpants on. How did I allow that to occur?” In August, Seyfried told Porter. “Oh, I see why: I was just 19 and I didn’t want to offend anyone or lose my job. which is why.”

JESSE WILLIAMS’ TAKE ME OUT co-star said, “I’m appalled” in response to the Broadway nude scene leak.

Even though she had to deal with negative male attention, the Emmy Award-nominated actress claimed she emerged from the #MeToo period “fairly unharmed,” particularly because to her role as Karen in “Mean Girls” when she was 18 and had the ability to predict weather changes through her chest.

She described the attention she experienced from guys to Marie Clare in May by saying, “I always felt really grossed out by that.” “I was around 18 at the time. It was really revolting.”


Sydney Sweeney has said she previously felt uncomfortable filming scenes prior to intimacy coordinators being on set. (Pictured in January.)
Amanda Seyfried (seen in 2021) said she's experienced uncomfortable situations in her career beginning at a young age.


Steinrock acknowledged that these kinds of accounts from industry insiders are, regrettably, not “uncommon,” but he was glad of those who were prepared to speak up in the goal of improving conditions on set.

People being able to share such tales so openly, she added, “says a lot about our contemporary cultural climate and its readiness to really look deeply at the position of the intimacy coordinator and embrace the role of the intimacy coordinator.”

According to Steinrock, who adheres to SAG-AFTRA standards but is not required on set, intimacy coordinators work similarly to stunt coordinators in that they “assist set moves” and “secure consent” from all persons participating on screen.

According to Steinrock, “We help make sure the tale looks beautiful and that we’re telling the story we want to tell.” The actors then added their artistic touches and allowed the narrative to develop.

Another actress who has discussed establishing some limits is Minka Kelly. She co-stars with Sweeney on “Euphoria,” and she confided in showrunner Sam Levinson that she didn’t feel comfortable having a nude scene scripted for Samantha.

Kelly told Vanity Fair, “Levinson believed it would be more intriguing if my dress dropped to the ground.” I didn’t feel at ease standing there naked on my first day as a guest on this new show.

She remarked, “I said, I’d love to do this scene, but I think we can keep my dress on.


He was like, OK,” Kelly exclaimed. “Neither did he hesitate. He captured a stunning scene and achieved his goal.”

Sean Bean, a cast member of “Game of Thrones,” complained that on-set planners ruined the spontaneity of sex scenes. Oscar-winning actress Emma Thompson addressed Bean’s remark that intimacy coordinators are “fantastically vital.”

When asked about Bean during an appearance on the “Fitzy andamp; Wippa” radio show, Thompson responded, “Intimacy coordinators are fantastically important, and I dont know if you were speaking to somebody who found it distracting but another conversation you might find people go, It made me comfortable, it made me feel safe, it made me feel as though I was able to do this work’

Actress Emma Thompson (seen in June) said intimacy coordinators are "fantastically important" in a recent radio interview.

“So intimacy coordinators are the most fantastic introduction in our work. And no, you cant just let it flow. Theres a camera there and a crew. Youre not on your own in a hotel room, youre surrounded by a bunch of blokes, mostly. So its not a comfortable situation full stop.”