I believed I was going to pass away: Dallas-based FOX Weathers Robert Ray assists in saving a woman from a waterlogged automobile.


Robert Ray from FOX Weather assisted in rescuing a woman in Dallas on Monday morning from her drowned automobile.

THE DALLAS FOX After severe rain caused deadly flash floods in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex on Monday morning, weather multimedia journalist Robert Ray was in the right place at the right moment to assist in saving a woman from her swamped vehicle.

Ray was in the Dallas area covering the floods after the region received more than half a foot of rain in many areas.
Since Sunday night, Dallas alone has seen over 15 inches of rain.

Robert Ray from FOX Weather assisted in rescuing a woman in Dallas from her drowned automobile. I felt I was going to die, the woman admitted.

He was preparing to give a live broadcast on FOX Weather when a car drove onto a road that was covered in water, instantly submerging it.

Ray explained, “She genuinely didn’t see when guys pulled in as I was setting up for the photo. “Her automobile was floating when you awoke the next morning. So I walked outside and did the best I could to push her car.”

When it became clear that pushing the automobile toward higher ground was not going to be successful, Ray claimed to have extracted the woman from its window.

“Actually a gift from God.” In Dallas, a woman thanked Robert Ray of FOX Weather for saving her from her drowned automobile.
Stephanie Carroll affirmed, “I’m OK. “By God’s grace, I’m fine.”
When Carroll neared the crossroads and drove into the floodwaters, Ray was informed that she had not noticed the water on the road.


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You track the persistent rain and get crucial weather warnings, make sure to download the free FOX Weather app.

, FOX Weather
Carroll affirmed, “I didn’t see anything.” “I initially believed I would simply drive. To get my daughter, I travel this way every day.”
She also admitted to Ray that she had only one thought as her automobile sank.
She said, “I believed I was going to die.” “I believed I was going to pass away. I believed I would drown.”

Since it takes a while for water to recede after floods, Ray claimed that when he came up to the area earlier on Monday morning, he noticed city crews who stated they would put pumps in to attempt and get rid of some of the water.

Ray added, “Gosh, guys, almost 8 inches of rain has fallen in some locations in just over a day.” “There is danger to people. Guys, this is a perfect illustration of the damage that flooding and water can cause. Goodness me. Right now, my heart is going “boom, boom, boom.” What a day this morning in Dallas.”

Since around 10 p.m. Sunday night, the Fort Worth Fire Department reported that they have responded to around 40 high water investigations. It’s still unknown, though, how many of those inquiries resulted in stranded individuals being rescued.


The next three days will likely be rainy. , FOX Weather From central Texas to central Mississippi, an additional 3 to 6 inches of precipitation are likely over the following four days, with locally higher amounts up to 7 inches possible in some places.

Despite the fact that much of this rain would be helpful and welcome given the impacts of a protracted drought, flash flooding is still a possibility, particularly in metropolitan areas and locations with inadequate drainage.

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