I had a difficult time while glamping in Singapore’s sweltering, tropical climate. Here are my five mistakes.


I recently spent the night in a Singaporean park while glamping. The weather in the city-state was tropical, which contributed to the discomfort of the situation. If I had carried a cooler and used a mosquito coil, my trip could have been more enjoyable. I first went glamping in the middle of July. Although I had great expectations, my destination—a campsite in eastern Singapore—turned out to be an unpleasant experience because it was hot and muggy, the tent was less luxurious than I’d anticipated, and it was located in the center of a crowded park.

Even though part of this was beyond my control, there were a few things I could have done to improve the situation.

camper van in the Philippines when going outside in warm climates.

4. Not packing a flashlight: Because the tents lacked private bathrooms, I had to use the campground’s public restrooms at night. The camp site wasn’t properly illuminated, making it challenging for me to see where I was going. Since there were no other lights within the tent, it became rather gloomy at night.