I tested 25 olive oils, and the best may be purchased in large quantities.


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Similar to how wine varies, so do olive oils. Depending on how or when it was picked, each oil might have a different flavor, ranging from mild to strong to spicy. While some are suited for cooking, others taste better when not heated at all.

It can be difficult to choose the best olive oil for each use with the hundreds of brands available. I chose 25 bottles from some of the most well-known brands currently available, tasted each one in the traditional manner—swirling, sniffing, savoring, and aerating in the mouth—and then used them in a variety of cooking scenarios over the course of a month to assess how well they worked in practice.

OLIVE OIL AT ITS BEST IN 2022: Corto Truly, available on Amazon for $0.74 per ounce, is the best olive oil overall. In addition to being a fantastic olive oil overall, Corto Truly comes packed in a clever 3-liter box that guards against oxidation.

California Olive Ranch, available on Amazon for $0.56 per ounce, is the best inexpensive olive oil. Extra Virgin Olive Oil from California Olive Ranch is a best-seller for a reason: it’s complex, adaptable, frequently available in most places, and affordable.

Best splurge olive oil: Domenica Fiore Reserva, $2.76 per ounce, available on Domenica Fiore Domenica Fiore Reserva is an opulent olive oil that is ideal for spreading over a perfectly grilled aged steak or fish because every drop is absolutely tasty.

Graza Sizzle, available on Graza, costs $0.59 per ounce and is the best olive oil for cooking. Graza Sizzle is a delicious and mild Spanish highlight that can be used to make marinades and aiolis with a more subdued olive flavor. It also withstands heat nicely.

The best olive oil for dressings is Kosterina Everyday, which is offered on Amazon for $1.63 per ounce. The Santorini blue bottle of Kosterina Organic Everyday contains a product with a fresh, delicate flavor perfect for salads or dips.

Villa Manodori, $1.29 per ounce, is the best olive oil for drizzling and is available on Amazon and Eataly . Villa Manodori has the richness and depth you’d expect from an oil that has a Michelin-starred chef’s mark of approval.

The best olive oil to give as a present is Branche No. 1 and No. 2, which is sold at Branche for $3.06 per ounce. This classy, attractive bottle from Branche, which originates from Andalucia, has two different kinds of olive oil: one mild and one powerful.