I tried these blue light glasses to see if they might relieve the headaches I was getting from using the internet, and now I won’t be without them.


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I used to get headaches as an editor from gazing at a computer and reading tiny print all day. I have tested EyeBuyDirect ‘s reasonably priced prescription blue-light glasses, which claimed to relieve migraines brought on by blue light. They actually did assist me, and they also helped me change the computer screen’s settings. Years later, I still advocate for the company. Receive weekly reviews of the best products and services delivered straight to your email.

I stare at a computer screen all day long because I work as an editor. I’m not just being dramatic, either.

I stare intently onto a monitor for roughly nine hours every day while I write, edit, or meticulously check articles for minute punctuation issues. Having a work that is primarily screen-based can be taxing on the eyes. I formerly experienced headaches almost every day, which my eye doctor and a Google search revealed might be related to my computer’s harsh blue light and the screen settings I was using.

Shortly after realizing this, I made the decision to utilize a pitch I had received from EyeBuyDirect (one of my favorite eyewear businesses), regarding a then-current lens coating they provided that incorporated “ digital screen protection “. For someone who had been dealing with computer headaches for so long, it seemed too good to be true when it promised to deflect blue light away from the eyes in order to prevent them.

Even if there is not much scientific evidence to show that this blue light is in fact hazardous, many people vouch for the advantages of reflective glasses. I made the decision to put them to the test because I wanted to know if they actually had an impact.

EyeBuyDirect promised to send me a set of glasses with my prescription and the EDB Blue lenses from them. I’m updating this article after wearing them for years to let you know that they have changed my life.

My screen headaches have almost entirely disappeared since I started wearing glasses with blue lenses (and changed the settings on my computer to lessen the amount of blue light emanating). Now that I have many pairs, I will only purchase glasses with the coating, which is widely offered at other eyewear retailers as well.

A HUGE BENEFIT OF BUYING FROM EYEBUYDIRECT IS THAT THEIR FRAMES, LENSES, AND DIGITAL SCREEN PROTECTION OPTIONS ARE ALL INCREDIBLY AFFORDABLE, EVEN THOUGH OTHER BRANDS OFFER THESE REFLECTIVE LENSES. A complete pair of prescription glasses with EyeBuyDirect can be purchased for as low as $6. All of the pricing on the website include single-vision lenses, but there is an extra charge for speciality alternatives like bifocals or transitions. You can just purchase your favorite pair of contacts without a prescription if you wear contacts but still desire the blue light coating.

The blue light coatings are likewise more expensive, although they won’t substantially increase the cost. The standard EDB blue coating adds about $20 to the price per pair, and the Learn more. 0 blue light coating adds about $30 per pair (with an additional reading enhancing feature). Both have a scratch-resistant, anti-glare coating, blue light filters, and UV protection.

The unisex Learn more. 1 from the company’s premium Learn more. 2 line, which is my favorite pair, cost $99 in total, including the lenses and EBD Blue coating. Because of how much I adore them, I actually have two pairs of these eyeglasses in tortoiseshell and clear acetate.

Although EyeBuyDirect produces many cheaper frames that are just as durable, I have to admit that I’m a major fan of the Learn more. 4 series in particular. The Learn more. 4 glasses are built with a premium Italian acetate, which feels a touch more robust than the brand’s more affordable frames. All the frames are created and produced in-house using high-quality materials. But if all you want is a pair that is incredibly inexpensive, you can’t go wrong with their standard selections.