In a Thursday Night Football game, Amazon finally scored a touchdown, but their cameras failed to capture the moment when it occurred.


For the past two weeks, Thursday Night Football has been an agonizing drag. Six quarters passed without a touchdown being scored on Amazon Prime Video before Chicago eventually scored against Washington in the second half. But Amazon’s cameras arrived after the Bears had already scored their touchdown. Morning Brew is read by more than 3 million people; you should too! Thank you for registering! There have been ups and downs in the first year of Amazon Prime Video’s partnership with the NFL.

The broadcasts have generally been good, but some of the games have been duds, none more so than the Colts and Broncos’ dreadful slog last week. However, despite neither team scoring a score in regulation, that game ended up going into overtime.

This Thursday’s game between the Commanders and Bears in Chicago saw them play two more quarters without scoring an offensive touchdown, which prompted announcers Al Michaels and Kirk Herbstreit to openly make fun of their luck in the booth.

The levee, though, finally gave way after the break when Bears quarterback Justin Fields connected with wide receiver Dante Pettis on a stunning 40-yard touchdown pass.

I at least thought it was lovely.
It was a little difficult to tell.
Because the Amazon broadcast mishandled the shot after waiting six quarters to show a football enter an end zone.

(@NFLonPrime) NFL On Prime Video October 14, 2022 I can only image how anxious the director and game producers must have felt at this particular time. I feel awful because occasionally everyone has a difficult day at work.

Meanwhile, what the hell just happened, guys? Why is a play in the middle of these visuals zipping across our screens? How is it possible that we don’t see the snap, the drop back, or the throw on Thursday night when a long pass connects for the first time in three weeks? When the ball is already in motion toward the ground, why are we catching up with the play?

The official NFL account decided to only trim the play to start when there was actual football being seen, but the Prime NFL account posted the footage in its entirety.

Both options were not ideal.

NFL October 14, 2022 (@NFL) The Commanders finally scored as well, thanks to a botched punt and a strong run from Brian Robinson, thus the Bears were unable to maintain their advantage.

NFL (@NFL) October 14, 2022 Amazon cameras got a clear shot of this.
NFL (@NFL) October 14, 2022 Washington won 12-7 by holding on.

The Saints will meet the Cardinals in Arizona the following week on Thursday night. We should all wish for them to add a few more touchdowns and for Amazon to successfully broadcast them to our televisions.