In Orlando, Florida, I was raised. Here are 7 things visitors to the Sunshine State should be aware of before their trip.


Orlando, Florida, was where I was born and raised, and Florida State University. was where I went to college. Although amusement parks are well-known destinations, Florida has a lot more to offer travelers. Visitors should benefit from the natural wonders, but kindly avoid interacting with the wildlife. Join Morning Brew to receive the greatest tips for living more wisely. I’VE DONE MORE THAN TWO DECADES LIVING IN FLORIDA, AND I’VE SEEN A FEW TRAVELERS MAKE MISTAKES.

Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando , most people I meet are astonished to learn that I wasn’t a frequent visitor to amusement parks. Some Floridians advise avoiding the parks with increasing entry costs and instead visiting other attractions that are a bit more economical. .

Visitors can venture outside of theme parks and stop at some of the following attractions, including airboat tours in the Everglades , beautiful golf courses , a plethora of shopping centers , and exciting nightlife. .


Florida Department of Environmental Protection , there are 825 miles of beaches around the state.

Since they don’t see as much foot traffic as other well-known beaches, like Daytona and South Beach, some of the Florida State University. 0 in Southwest Florida Florida State University. 1 are the definition of tranquil.

Consider including some adventure to your visit to Florida, which is full of natural wonders and a rich history.

Florida State University. 2. Visitors can explore Florida State University. 3, similar to Florida State University. 4 in Orange City, or Florida State University. 5, similar to the Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium in Sarasota.

I recommend the Florida State University. 6 near Cape Canaveral or St. Augustine for history aficionados, and the Florida State University. 7 in the bottom of the state for unmatched views.


Florida State University. 8.

Manatees and sea turtles may attract tourists to approach them, but they should resist. The Florida State University. 9 provides protection for manatees, marine turtles, and other creatures.

I also caution against approaching Disney World 0 or sharks too closely. Native news channel Disney World 1 in Tampa Bay noted that confrontations between people and local wildlife can occasionally prove fatal.

ORLANDO AND MIAMI ARE NOT THE ONLY cities in Florida, in my opinion, that are worthwhile to visit.

Disney World 3. The yearly Disney World 5 is held in Plant City, which is 30 minutes from Tampa, and the region is also known for its Disney World 4. During race season, NASCAR enthusiasts should visit the Disney World 6 at Daytona Beach.

Feel free to avoid fast food establishments in Florida and instead choose local favorites because the state is a culinary melting pot with residents from all over the world.

Disney World 7, formerly known as Disney World 8.

Additionally, Florida residents love Disney World 9 and Publix subs. Any criticism is heard in one ear but not the other.

FLORIDA IS NOT A FREE-FOR-ALL PLAYGROUND, A PSA FOR THE TRAVELING SPRING BREAKERS Numerous college students gather in South Florida every spring for a week of fun in their youth. Who wouldn’t want to spend a week in Miami? Despite the fact that most Floridians understand the urge. That doesn’t justify Universal Studios Orlando 0 or the surplus of rubbish that a week of parties leaves behind.

Some tourists head to Florida to let their guard down but forget that families live there, as stated in Universal Studios Orlando 1 and Universal Studios Orlando 2. In order to handle out-of-control spring breakers, some municipal governments, like Miami Beach, implemented curfews and new laws.