Interest rates for personal loans rise for both 3- and 5-year loans.


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In comparison to the previous seven days, borrowers with solid credit who applied for personal loans during the last week were prequalified for rates that were higher for both 3- and 5-year loans.

For customers with credit ratings of at least 720 who chose a lender through the Credible marketplace between August 15 and August 21:

The average rate for 3-year fixed-rate loans increased to 11.86% from 11.34% a year earlier and from 11.18% the seven days prior. Rates for 5-year fixed-rate loans averaged 15.46%, up from 13.76% a year earlier and 15.33% over the previous seven days. Consolidating and paying off credit card debt and other debts has become a common practice thanks to personal loans. They can also be used to pay for significant purchases, finance home renovation projects, and cover unforeseen costs like medical bills.

Over the past week, rates on 3- and 5-year fixed-rate personal loans increased. Rates for 5-year periods increased somewhat by 0.13%, while those for 3-year terms increased significantly by 0.68%. Rates for both terms are also higher now than they were at the same time last year. Borrowers can benefit from interest savings with a 3- or 5-year personal loan right now despite this week’s hikes. Interest rates on both loan types are considerably lower than those of more expensive borrowing options like credit cards.

The right personal loan for you frequently depends on a number of variables, such as the interest rate you qualify for. Comparing rates from various lenders will help you acquire the finest personal loan for your requirements.

To determine how much you are eligible for and select the best choice for you, it is always a good idea to comparison shop on websites like Credible.

Here are the most recent personal loan interest rate trends, as reported by the Credible market.

Weekly rates for personal loans: Trends

The graph above displays the typical prequalification rates for borrowers who utilized the Credible marketplace to choose a lender and had credit scores of at least 720.

To be used in July 2022:

The average interest rate for 3-year personal loans dropped from 11.1% in June to 11.04% today. Rates for 5-year personal loans increased from 13.13% in June to an average of 13.72%. Rates for personal loans vary widely according on loan period and credit score. Use a service like Credible to evaluate personal loan choices from several private lenders if you’re interested in learning what rates you might be eligible for. Your credit score won’t be impacted by checking your rates.

Fixed-rate loans are available from all Reputable Marketplace Lenders at affordable rates. Requesting personal loan rates from several lenders will help you compare your possibilities because lenders use various criteria to assess borrowers.


The typical prequalified rate chosen by borrowers in July was:

8.34% is the interest rate for 3-year loans for consumers with credit scores of 780 or higher. When taking out a 5-year loan with a credit score below 600, the interest rate is 29.09%. The interest rate may vary based on elements including your credit score, the sort of personal loan you’re looking for, and the length of the loan’s repayment period.

A high credit score can result in lower interest rates, and rates are often higher for loans with set interest rates and longer repayment durations, as indicated in the table above.

The best way to lower interest rates The interest rate that a lender may provide you with for a personal loan depends on a variety of criteria. But there are several actions you may do to increase your likelihood of receiving a reduced interest rate. Here are a few strategies to test.

RAISING CREDIT SCORE Higher credit scores typically entitle holders to reduced borrowing rates. The following actions can help you gradually raise your credit score:

Pay your bills promptly. The primary determinant of your credit score is your payment history. Pay all of your bills as soon as they become due. Investigate your credit report. Verify there are no mistakes on your credit report by looking at it. If you discover any mistakes, report them to the credit bureau. Reduce the amount of credit you are using. This crucial credit-scoring element can be improved by reducing credit card debt. Keep away from opening new credit accounts. Only those who truly need credit should apply for and create accounts. Your credit score could be lowered if you make too many hard inquiries on your credit report quickly. SHORTEN THE TERM OF YOUR LOAN.

Terms for personal loans can range from one to many years. Since lenders’ money is at risk for a shorter amount of time, shorter durations typically have lower interest rates.

If your financial condition permits, you might be able to get a cheaper interest rate by applying for a shorter term. Remember that choosing a shorter payback term will result in lower interest payments overall for you as well as the lender.

ASSURE COSIGNER If you have student loans, the idea of a cosigner might be familiar to you. Finding a cosigner with good credit may help you get a reduced interest rate if your credit isn’t good enough to qualify for the best personal loan interest rates.

Just keep in mind that your cosigner will be responsible for paying back the loan if you are unable to. Additionally, cosigning a loan could lower their credit score.

Compare interest rates from various lenders. To find the best rates before applying for a personal loan, it is a good idea to browse around and compare offers from several lenders. Online lenders frequently provide the most affordable rates and can discharge your loan more quickly than a brick-and-mortar business.

Don’t worry though; it isn’t necessary to spend a lot of time comparing rates and terms.

It is simple using Credible. Simply enter the amount you wish to borrow, and you can compare different lenders to choose the one that is best for you.