Kansas teenager was punched in the face while delivering pro-life leaflets to homes.


NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! A Kansas woman is accused of assaulting a juvenile pro-life canvasser who came to her house on Sunday.

Grace Hartsock, a student, was knocking on doors to encourage Kansas residents to vote in a Tuesday referendum on the legalization of abortion. According to Students for Life, the organization Hartsock was helping with, the event happened as she walked up to a house in Overland Park.

According to Harstock, when the woman who answered the door realized what the teen was come to talk about, she kindly said she was not interested.

According to Students for Life, the woman reportedly said to Hartsock, “No, I’m sorry, I don’t think you want to talk to us.”

Grace Hartsock says she was attacked while canvassing with Students for Life. (Courtesy, Students for Life Action)

Grace Hartsock claims that while canvassing for Students for Life, she was attacked. Students for Life Action, with permission.

When another woman’s voice, also yelling and swearing, sounded from deeper inside the house, Hartsock turned to go.
According to SFL, the woman reportedly added, “Don’t apologize to her, mum.”

The woman, whose identity is unknown, reportedly then yelled at Hartsock as she left the house. The woman allegedly shoved Hartsock in the chest and started punching her in the head with her clinched fists, according to SFL.

Until the woman’s mother persuaded the daughter to stop, Hartsock endured the punches. But the woman kept screaming, saying, “I hope you get raped,” and “I hope you get driven over by a car,” according to SFL.

An unidentified woman allegedly attacked a teenage pro-life activist. (Courtesy, Students for Life Action)

A teenage pro-life activist is said to have been attacked by an unidentified woman. Students for Life Action, with permission.

The woman was seen backing away toward the house while still yelling expletives in the teen’s phone video of the encounter’s closing minutes.
According to SFL, Hartsock has reported the incident to the Leewood Police Department. Hartsock turned down a Fox News Digital interview.

The president of Students for Life Action, Kristan Hawkins, claimed in a statement that the organization had “knocked on thousands of homes around the country” and had “never faced such an unjustified onslaught.”

Voters in Kansas will decide whether to change the state constitution to allow for the regulation of abortion access by state legislators. Since Roe v. Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court in late June, the state will be the first in the nation to have a vote on abortion access.

According to the “Value Them Both” amendment, “there is no Kansas constitutional right to abortion or to require government funding of abortion, and would reserve to the people of Kansas, through their elected state legislators, the right to pass laws to regulate abortion, including, but not limited to, in circumstances of pregnancy resulting from rape or incest, or when necessary to save the mother’s life.”

The vote occurs almost three years after the state Supreme Court determined that Kansas’s state constitution safeguards women’s right to an abortion in 2019.

If the amendment passes, the legislature in the largely Republican state of Kansas is certain to enact abortion restrictions shortly following the referendum. Following the 2019 verdict and the overturning of Roe, it was the GOP supermajority in the state legislature that made sure the referendum would take place.

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