Miami’s boutique law firm enters Trump’s legal battle after others refrained


Donald Trump wasn’t a client that big law firms wanted. Now that the former president is being represented, a small firm in the Miami region is enhancing its reputation.

Chris Kise, the president’s newly hired attorney, has joined Continental, according to a statement that was initially shared with NBC News. The company is made up of a stable of Trump supporters with strong ties to the Florida GOP, and its lawyers define their goal as providing a legal response to the woke cancel culture that has, in their opinion, taken over Big Law.

Former Florida solicitor general and current U.S. senator Kise said Continental has excellent firepower to defend Trump and other clients, such as conservative leaders and causes. Kise previously served as legal counsel for the transition teams for governors Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis.

With its headquarters in South Florida, Continental is well-positioned for the legal battle and potential criminal investigations involving the massive cache of extremely sensitive documents that the FBI claims to have taken from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach on August 8.

Tuesday, Trump filed a petition with the Supreme Court asking it to evaluate the records under the scrutiny of a special master. One of Continental’s attorneys, Lazaro P. Fields, a former assistant US attorney for the Northern District of Florida, joined Kise and other Trump attorneys on the petition.

Among Continental’s other attorneys are Jesus M. Suarez, a former chair of the Republican National Lawyers Association and a DeSantis appointee on a judicial nominating commission, Richard Corcoran, a former state education commissioner and speaker of the state House, Paul Hawkes, a former Florida First District Court of Appeal judge in Tallahassee, and Carlos Trujillo, a former ambassador of President Trump to the Organization of American States who served in the Florida House.

Suarez said the business was glad to fill the hole left by companies that declined to represent Trump or those who are similar to him.

Were over the moon to stand up for conservatives who were spurned by Big Law, he declared. It is contrary to the practice of law that some members of the legal community refuse to represent a former US president because of their disagreement with his political views.

Former federal prosecutor and NBC News legal expert Joyce White Vance says it’s difficult to represent Trump.

She claimed that given the reputational harm suffered by many of the attorneys who represented the former president, including, in its most extreme forms, disbarment and prosecution, it is not surprising that attorneys who would typically be thrilled to take on representation of a former president have hesitated here.

Trump is the worst of clients, according to Michael Cohen, a former Trump lawyer who admitted to a campaign finance scam connected to him.

For two reasons, the large corporations have chosen not to represent Trump: First, Trump disregards the counsel of his attorneys. Trump’s biggest problem in this regard is himself. Second, Cohen cited his well-known history of stiffing legal firms.

Trump’s circle is infamous for its intrigue and internal strife, which Kise experienced last month when unnamed sources told CNN he had been left out of the Mar-a-Lago case. Kise asserted that it was inaccurate, and to back up his claim, the Supreme Court brief that was submitted on Tuesday included him as counsel of record along with some of the other lawyers involved in the case.

Kise declined to talk about how Trump’s legal staff functions inside.

It provides me the opportunity to work with good, long-time friends, and I’m thrilled to be a part of a team with such exceptional legal firepower, he said.