Moving overseas is a means of self-healing and self-discovery for several Black women in the United States.


The world of international travel has mainly been white for decades. Black women revealed to Insider that their travels served as therapeutic experiences. Some said that compared to other countries, the US had the most incidents of racism. Morning Brew is read by more than 3 million people; you should too! Every country in the globe has been visited by fewer than 300 people. One of them is Jessica Nabongo .

She made history in 2019 by becoming the second first documented Black woman to travel to every nation.

The “The Catch Me If You Can” author set a personal goal to explore the world by the time she turned 35. She started traveling when she was 4 years old with her family.

Nabongo persevered because she believed in mankind. “I have no fear of strangers, and as a Black woman, I have traveled alone to 89 different nations. The goodwill of strangers made my travel amazing “She spoke to Insider.

Because of the individuals she encountered, she primarily thinks about South Sudan, Somalia, and Afghanistan.

Because it wasn’t what everyone expected, I believe it was a truly fantastic opportunity for me to travel there, have those experiences, and then share them with others.

According to Nabongo, she has experienced the most prejudice in the United States, so she advises Black people to get over their reservations about traveling.

largely white . The portrayal of Black women going and residing abroad is limited, but the emergence of social media is steadily shifting that narrative.

Charlotte Manning is a model, poet, and copywriter who is one of these ladies. Manning claims it was a reasonably simple decision for her to relocate to Stockholm after graduation.

Although Manning was born in Sweden, the country where her American parents first met, she spent the majority of her childhood there. She claimed she was prepared for a change after earning her bachelor’s degree in Chicago.

“For my own benefit, it would have been a foolish decision to forego seeing what it would be like to live in Stockholm as such a privileged individual with two passports and the ability to do so. I believed that I needed to modify my environment, “saying Manning

The copywriter needed a year to adjust to her new surroundings, but once she did, she discovered that Stockholm provided the balance she was seeking for.

Sweden, like many other Scandinavian countries , has reasonably accessible health and educational systems, and the country’s culture values free time. “People don’t live to work here,” as Manning put it.

Master Your Move Abroad (MYMA), Sienna J. Brown , relocated to Spain eight years ago for the same reason. Brown, a Black woman who was originally from New York, desired to transform somewhere else.

She never anticipated finding a Black community when she came to Spain in 2014, which is why she founded MYMA with the intention of redefining the Black experience in that country.

She remarked, “I’m now very delighted to witness the breadth of the African diaspora here in Spain, which was traditionally thought to be a very homogeneous country.

She makes reference to well-known Black people who lived in transient locations all over the world, including Frederick Douglass, James Baldwin, Audre Lorde, Maya Angelou, and Alice Walker.

It all comes down to embodying a sense of freedom, tenderness, wealth, and ease that she couldn’t create in the United States, she said. We are worthy of occupying other areas and creating a new existence in a place where we are loved, respected, and cherished because America was not and never was designed for us.

Maya Angelou worked as a journalist and university administrator in Ghana for around two years. If the heart of Africa remained elusive, my search for it had brought me closer to knowing myself and other people, she said in her autobiography, “All God’s Children Need Traveling Shoes.”

Burning out at a workplace, whether brought on by internal or external stressors, is normal, says Dr. Aminata Cisse , psychiatrist and founder of Jessica Nabongo 0. She became more aware of the necessity of spending more time in Senegal as she grew older for her mental health.

Outside of the fact that my family is from Senegal, she told Insider, “it was just a breath of fresh air to just be in an environment where I didn’t have to explain my Blackness.”