Nine of the ten techniques I tested to improve frozen fries I would definitely use again.


I tested out 10 chef-recommended methods for improving the flavor of frozen french fries to see which ones I would do again. Instead of cooking fries on a baking sheet, fries were cooked on an open rack. Freshly salted and seasoned fries after baking improved the flavoring’s ability to stick. Join Morning Brew to receive the greatest tips for living more wisely. When it comes to meals, frozen fries may seem like a last-ditch option, but when prepared properly and topped off, they can become a filling entrée or delectable side dish.

I experimented with chef-recommended methods for improving frozen fries to discover which improvements worked the best.
See how each hack worked out and which ones I would definitely try again by reading on.
I knew right away that I had to pick my frozen fries carefully

Potatoes USA, , professional chef RJ Harvey, recently told Insider that baking frozen fries on an oven rack gives you the best chance for potatoes that are cooked uniformly.

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I fried my fries for around 15 minutes and tossed them after about seven because my air fryer only gets to 390 degrees Fahrenheit.

Great Oak Steakhouse in California, who spoke with Insider.

Mendoza advised slathering heated fries with “French onion soup sauce” and sprinkling mozzarella and Gruyere cheese on top. I love French onion soup, so I was eager to try Mendoza’s recommendation.