Nine of the ten techniques I tested to improve frozen fries I would definitely use again.


I tested out 10 chef-recommended methods for improving the flavor of frozen french fries to see which ones I would do again. Instead of cooking fries on a baking sheet, fries were cooked on an open rack. Freshly salted and seasoned fries after baking improved the flavoring’s ability to stick. Join Morning Brew to receive the greatest tips for living more wisely. When it comes to meals, frozen fries may seem like a last-ditch option, but when prepared properly and topped off, they can become a filling entrée or delectable side dish.

I experimented with chef-recommended methods for improving frozen fries to discover which improvements worked the best.
See how each hack worked out and which ones I would definitely try again by reading on.
I knew right away that I had to pick my frozen fries carefully

Potatoes USA, , professional chef RJ Harvey, recently told Insider that baking frozen fries on an oven rack gives you the best chance for potatoes that are cooked uniformly.

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I fried my fries for around 15 minutes and tossed them after about seven because my air fryer only gets to 390 degrees Fahrenheit.

” alt=”salted fries”>

I discovered that salting these while they were still hot and oily helped the salt adhere to the fry’s greasy surface, particularly in the ridges.
I would repeat this, particularly because the salt doesn’t adhere nearly as effectively on room-temperature fries.

In an effort to kick up the flavor of my fries, I also tried seasoning and adding spices to them.

” alt=”garlic salt fries”>

First, I made an easy version of garlic fries by tossing these fries with garlic salt.

I believe that if you wanted to make the fries even fancier, you could cover them in freshly minced garlic and a little olive oil before baking them.

I also gave a few other seasoning blends a try, and they were successful. I immediately discovered that crunchy fries taste fantastic with just much any seasoning you enjoy using on your dish.

” alt=”fries seasoning”>

I also discovered that the spice blend may be used with potatoes even though it wasn’t created specifically for fries.

This seasoning for corn on the cob with chipotle and parmesan was delicious, in my opinion. These fries truly stood out thanks to their zesty, cheesy flavors, and I’m excited to experiment with additional herbs and spices in the future with my frozen fries.

THE BEST WAY TO UPGRADE FROZEN FRIES, ONE CHEF TOLD INSIDER, IS BY LOADING THEM WITH TOPPINGS Fries can be rapidly converted from a side dish to an entree by piling on more toppings, according to chef Jose Mendoza of the Great Oak Steakhouse in California, who spoke with Insider.

Mendoza advised slathering heated fries with “French onion soup sauce” and sprinkling mozzarella and Gruyere cheese on top. I love French onion soup, so I was eager to try Mendoza’s recommendation.

” alt=”frozen fries”>


I poured the soup onto my fries and sprinkled mozzarella cheese on top after letting it simmer for long enough to resemble gravy. To further melt the cheese, I microwaved it as well.

” alt=”frozen fries”>

The ideal meal consisted of some of my crispy fries topped with melted cheese and a can of chili.
I adored how well the chili’s beans, meat, and savory flavors blended with the crunch of the fries.
Chili with cheese on fries are a true no-brainer.

The bites that were stuffed full of ooey cheese were my favorite. Given that I only needed a can of chili, cheese, and frozen fries, this is a fantastic low-cost meal suggestion.

” alt=”frozen fries”>


I heated up cooked stew beef chunks with canned Sloppy Joe sauce to create a tangy, delicious topping for my bed of fries.

” alt=”frozen fries”>


I chose to make a breakfast meal with Mexican influences because I had salsa and jalapenos on hand. As Mendoza had instructed, I chopped, fried, and cooked the fries in a skillet.

The potato chunks were then fried along with some salsa and grated cheese.

” alt=”frozen fries”>

I put my fries on a dish and added additional salsa and jalapenos on top.

The only thing that could have made this brunch dish even better were some warmed tortillas and a side of scrambled eggs. I would definitely attempt it again.

I tried using some hot sauce and pickles because it is said that acidic ingredients bring out the flavor of fries. Chef Harvey previously told Insider that adding acid to fries was beneficial. Citrus juice, vinegar, hot sauce, and pickles are examples of toppings that “contrast the richness of the crispy fries.”

Harvey advised against drenching the fries with sauce lest they become mushy, so I took care to only lightly mist them.

” alt=”frozen french fries on wire rack”>

It was delicious to combine the pickles’ crunch and acidity with the fries’ salty potato coating. The combination resembled dill potato chips in flavor.
I would unquestionably serve pickles or hot sauce with my fries in the future.

For crispier fries, one chef suggested beer battering them. Additionally, Chef Mendoza previously revealed to Insider that beer batter fries can be used to increase their crispness.

He claimed that lightly drizzling some Cajun seasoning on top of the battered fries will give them “more crispness and a light, spicy touch from the seasoning.”

” alt=”frozen french fries on wire rack”>


I cooked the fries on the stovetop until they were crisp after lightly covering them in batter. They were as crispy as the chef had promised when I added a dash of salt to the end.

” alt=”frozen french fries on wire rack”>


Even though French fries are wonderful on their own, they are even better when topped with additional tasty ingredients, like cheese.

These surefire, chef-recommended tips were really simple to use and required no prior cooking experience. But more than anything, their suggestions inspired me to experiment with my toppings and taught me that loaded fries can be a quick, affordable, and filling midweek dinner.

However, out of all the techniques and foods I tested, I believe I’ll make the chili cheese fries, French onion fries, and Mexican-style breakfast fries the next time I’m in the mood for comfort food.

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