O. J. Simpson congratulates Elon Musk on his Twitter contract and requests that he verify him so that he might “maybe get a blue check”


O. J. Simpson praised Elon Musk for purchasing Twitter and requested that his account be verified. Simpson claimed that due of parody accounts, he has sought “for years” to obtain a blue checkmark. Many so-called free speech campaigners have applauded Musk’s action in the hopes of fewer restrictions. Each everyday, top editors send the articles you desire straight to your inbox. Thank you for registering! O. J. Simpson thanked Elon Musk on buying Twitter and said that the former football star would now be able to become verified there.

“Hello, Twitter community. It’s yours truly.” Let me begin by thanking Elon Musk on gaining control of Twitter. I might be able to get verified. Simpson remarked in a video that was shared on Twitter, “Maybe I can get a blue check,” tagging the account that manages Twitter’s verification guidelines.

Simpson, who frequently tweets video commentary on sports and other events, lamented the prevalence of accounts posing as his own, @TheRealOJ32.

Since there are so many fictitious O. J. Simpson accounts, I’ve been trying for years to acquire that blue check, Simpson claimed. There have been a lot of them, and occasionally, people have questioned why they said certain things. I would respond, “I didn’t say it. One of those phony accounts, that.

Tweeted O.J. Simpson (@TheRealOJ32) October 28, 2022 He continued, “I’m sure a lot of people deal with that, so maybe that will end.”

Insider’s request for comment was not immediately answered by a Twitter spokeswoman.

In 1995, a jury famously found Simpson not guilty of killing Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. But after being found guilty of causing their deaths in a civil trial, a jury decided that he must compensate the relatives of the deceased with $33.5 million, according to The New York Times . The Goldman family has argued that Simpson refuses to pay the amount, which has increased over the last 20 years, is in accordance with USA Today .

Simpson was subsequently found guilty of an armed robbery that occurred in 2007 and given a 33-year jail sentence; however, he was released in 2017 for good behavior and released from parole in 2021, according to Forbes .

Musk, a self-described “free-speech absolutist,” has received praise from conservative lawmakers, pundits, and Twitter trolls for buying the social networking site.

In response to criticisms that Twitter had been stifling right-wing accounts, Musk declared on Friday that he would spend his first day “