Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne post a rare PDA picture from their trip to Hawaii on Instagram.


NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! Recently, Ozzy and Sharon Osborne shared a rare photograph of a passionate moment they had while on vacation in Hawaii.

The image depicts the couple kissing in a pool while the background features an ocean vista and a lush countryside. Sharon simply added the emojis for a palm tree and a heart to the photo’s description.

Just over a month has passed since the couple’s Fourth of July celebration of their 40th wedding anniversary. Since they got married there in 1982, Hawaii has a special place in the couple’s relationship.

Ozzy posted a flashback photo from their wedding day and wished Sharon a happy anniversary as they both paid tribute to each other on Instagram to mark the significant event.

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A more recent image of the two of them holding hands in front of a fireplace while wearing all-black attire was posted by Sharon.

“It has been 40 years since I wed my sweetheart Ozzy. We first connected when I was 18 and have been friends, lovers, husband and wife, grandparents, and soulmates for over 52 years “She wrote the picture’s caption. “constantly by each other’s sides. Ozzy, I adore you, Sharron.”

The pair has a lot to be happy about because, during the course of their 40-year marriage, they have faced many challenges, including numerous health problems and controversies, and have emerged from them stronger than ever.

In 2020, Ozzy made the announcement that he had been given a minor form of Parkinson’s disease. More recently, Ozzy had surgery to straighten pins that were inserted in his neck and back as a result of a fall in his bathroom in 2019 that loosened metal rods in his back that he required following a bike accident.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne celebrated their 40-year wedding anniversary on the Fourth of July.

After major surgery, Ozzie Osbourne, 73, is in good spirits as he leaves the hospital with his wife Sharon in a wheelchair.

At the time, it was predicted that his 73 years old would make his recovery time lengthy. On the British version of “The Talk,” Sharon revealed in June that she will be moving to Los Angeles to support her husband during his rehabilitation.