Parents criticize American colleges for supporting DEI projects, saying that they are unsafe.


Given that diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) on college campuses is a high issue, certain universities across America are requesting compliance from teachers in the form of signed DEI declarations as requirements for tenure or promotion.

The DEI agenda, according to some teachers and parents, may be undermining the diversity of views and beliefs among students in the college setting, and there may be growing opposition in some circles.

Some claim that it also encourages a culture of intimidation and fear.

For instance, in Seattle, almost 40% of the faculty at the University of Washington either voted against or did not vote on a proposal that would have mandated that academic members pursuing advancement submit a statement confirming their support for DEI.


Cliff Mass, a professor of atmospheric sciences at the institution and an advocate for diversity of thought, told Fox News Digital over the phone that “the fact that the vote was stopped” was unprecedented.

The University of Washington's campus in Seattle in springtime.

The University of Washington was contacted by Fox News Digital for comment.

“My understanding is that the law failed despite collecting over 63 ‘yes’ votes among those cast, which was a margin of 26 points over the no votes,” said Victor Balta, senior director of media relations at the institution.

According to the faculty rules, “Class A legislation must have a two-thirds supermajority of votes in cases when fewer than 50% of the faculty actually cast ballots,” as reported by Balta.

Even moderately inclined students today often find it difficult to speak their minds on school, according to one professor.
He added to Fox News Digital, “Viewpoint diversity is part of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and we don’t believe they are in conflict.”
“Thoughtful and rigorous exchanges of ideas should take place on our universities, which already do this.”
“Introducing more viewpoints to these talks, not fewer, is the result of placing priority on diversity, equity, and inclusion,” Balta continued.

However, the failed initiative seems to be a victory for Mass and others who claim to want true variety of thought returned to the college campus setting.

The University of Washington's campus in Seattle.

According to Mass, a meteorologist, “one political position is being pushed very forcefully by the administration and by a number of others.”

He continued by saying that “diversity statements” resemble “the anti-communist loyalty oaths of the late 1940s and early 1950s” in many ways.
Even students with moderate opinions frequently avoid speaking their minds, he claimed.
As they continue to deal with racial litigation, Iowa hires two new diversity and inclusion positions.

He recently remarked in a blog post that “requiring all academic members to embrace a social/political agenda favored by one part of society not only politicizes the university, but also represents compelled speech.”

He said that it “violates the First Amendment of the United States Constitution at a public university.”

Students at the University of Washington campus in Seattle in March 2020.

Since early July 2022, that blog article has seen more than 70,000 page views.

Advocates of DEI are alleged to place more emphasis on the idea of equality or equal results than on equal opportunity.
According to their websites, two additional universities that appear to support DEI activities were contacted by Fox News Digital.
“I think most parents don’t know what’s going on,”
Mass addressed many of them’s DEI agendas.

According to Mass, who spoke to Fox News Digital, “they think the institution should be biased in its admissions and resources to assure equal outcomes for all groups, with special emphasis to a limited number of preferred unrepresented groups.”

I think most parents don’t know what’s going on here, he remarked. “The parents we assist come from all around the state. Political opinions of those who send their children here range widely.”

The University of Washington in Seattle.

“Then there are the outsiders. We have many international students, “Added he. They are traveling here to pursue a quality education.

Mass asserted that he thinks parents can significantly influence how far the DEI agenda spreads on campuses.
Parents can choose not to contribute to their child’s college expenses, Mass noted, adding that there are many other options available to them.
There are many resources available to pressure the university, and if they did, Mass expected that it would have an effect.

A MOM SAYS DEI ADVOCATES “MISUSE OUR TRUSTED WORDS.” A mother of two adult kids living in California named Rebecca Friedrichs told Fox News Digital that parents might not be “informed of the damaging effects of DEI.”


In order to influence the general public into accepting propaganda, she claimed that “DEI proponents (and their friends) use linguistic acrobatics to distort the basic meaning of words.”

Destructive educational initiatives (DEI) are risky, and many parents don’t learn about them until it’s too late.
“We all understand the term ‘diversity’ to mean courteous discussion of differing viewpoints, candid dialogue, and consideration for others even when we disagree.”

Rebecca Friedrichs is a co-founder of Kids and Country, a national movement of parents, teachers and citizens.

Friedrichs, a co-founder of Kids and Country, a national organization of parents, teachers, and citizens, explained that when the institution announced that it was “diverse,” many responded, “That’s wonderful.

DEI supporters, in Friedrichs’ words, “misuse our trusted words.”

She claimed that “their idea of diversity” was warped and went against everything we knew about it. “Their diversity accepts only their authoritarian control of all content, their stifling of genuine debate, their silencing of varied thoughts, and their group-think opinions.”

She declared that DEI was harmful, adding that many parents are unaware of this detrimental goal until it is too late.

Parents may consider talking with their kids early  before they head to college  about their values and how can they express themselves.

Friedrichs urged parents to “stop the lunacy” by withdrawing their children from colleges that support the DEI agenda.

When compared to a four-year university degree, she added, “trades are a great alternative for many kids and can lead to tremendous satisfaction and good wages without the burden of school debt and indoctrination.”

DISCUSS WITH YOUR CHILDREN BEFORE THEY LEAVE FOR COLLEGE According to Dr. Mary K. Alvord, director of the Alvord, Baker and Associates, LLC in Rockville, Maryland, and a psychologist with experience treating children, adolescents, and adults, there are ways for parents to assist their college-bound children in seeing “the wider picture.”

Alvord emphasized the necessity of parents having early conversations with their kids about their values and ways they can express themselves before they leave for college.

Rebecca Friedrichs encourages parents to vet student syllabi for DEI initiatives and agendas.

We live in a diverse world, according to reality, Alvord stated.

However, we also hold divergent opinions, and political correctness and incongruity can rile many individuals.

She claimed that college students are in the process of adjusting their own personal and familial values. In addition, Alvord advised that they “be open to diverse perspectives and perhaps locate some venues” where they could express themselves and even “disagree with matters.”

“Seek out experienced teachers and stick with them.”
Friedrichs suggests that parents check out student syllabi because they are public records.
As Friedrichs noted, “Look for those professional instructors and persist with them because there are many good professors who are caught in politically charged campuses.”

IMPLEMENT THOUGHTFULNESS IN YOUNG PEOPLE Alvord advises parents to approach the situation with “balance” if teens or young adults find themselves embroiled in a political debate or argument.

andquot;The reality is that we are a diverse world  We have differing views and people do get upset with what's politically correct or politically incorrect,andquot; Dr. Mary K. Alvord told Fox News Digital.

Parents should also tell their children that everything they publish online these days is probably going to stay online. Nothing vanishes, Alvord declared.

Additionally, parents might give their children sage advice, “You don’t want to engage in a heated argument. You don’t need to use derogatory language when you say, “I respectfully disagree, and I disagree because of A, B, and C.””

“Do not assume that you will be able to assert yourself at that time. The context must be understood.”

Alvord added that parents might instruct their children to do the following: “In reality, you shouldn’t expect to be able to assert yourself if you’re in a crowd and people are protesting something with which you disagree. The context must be understood.”


As for Friedrichs, she is advising parents to vote against their children this fall.

If a young person begins leaning in a political direction that differs from his or her parent, Alvord advised pausing the lecture.

Friedrichs, the author of “Standing Up to Goliath: Battling State and National Teachers’ Unions for the Heart and Soul of Our Kids and Country,” asked people not to support so-called teachers union-backed politicians and to educate their friends about DEI.

Politics and parents: “Don’t lecture” Alvord suggested interrupting the lecture if a youngster starts to lean in a political direction different from that of his or her parents.

“Do not become furious. Don’t blow up, “She spoke. “You need to talk to someone and maintain your composure.”

“Because if you start saying things like, ‘That’s crazy, that’s bad, that’s stupid,’ what happens is that they may just become more firmly established to support their position.”