People in many professions are creating videos to share the five things they would never do as part of a new trend that has taken over tiktok. There are many different “life hack” videos on TikTok that provide tips on how to travel, cook, sleep, work, and overall live better.


There’s a new trend sweeping over the platform that gives viewers an insight into the tips and tricks you only know if you work in a specific workplace, even though it doesn’t appear like a standard “life hack” at first glance.

The videos, which show people confessing things they know to avoid because of their occupations and are typically titled “5 things I would never do,” have been utilized by everyone from hotel workers to surgeons.

The hashtags #thingsineverdo, , with over 12 million views, and #5thingsiwouldneverdo , with over 10 million, are frequently used in the videos.

These videos frequently receive hundreds of thousands or even millions of views.
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