R. Kelly has $27,828 in his commissary account but hasn’t paid any of his court fees.


R. Kelly has $27,828.24 in his jail commissary but hasn’t paid any of his court fees. Judge, order the funds be seized, the prosecutors asked. Kelly has been given a 30-year sentence for racketeering and trafficking in women. Join our weekday newsletter list to receive original analysis, news, and trends in your inbox. According to federal court records, R. Kelly has $27,828 in his jail commissary but hasn’t made any payments for his penalties and court costs.

According to court filings, New York Federal federal prosecutors requested on Thursday that a judge order the Bureau of Prisons to take the money from his inmate trust account and cut a check for that amount to the clerk of courts.

Kelly, whose actual name is Robert Sylvester Kelly, was found guilty of racketeering and sex trafficking in September. These charges arose from Kelly’s decades-long practice of enlisting and grooming girls and young women for illicit sex. He is currently serving a 30-year jail sentence.

Next month’s restitution hearing will determine how much Kelly must reimburse the victims of his crimes, and New York Federal Judge Ann Donnelly will make that decision.

Kelly owes approximately $140,000 in fees and fines in addition to reparations. Based on the conviction and the statutory $40,000 human trafficking fine, Donnelly imposed a $100,000 fine.

Kelly is “very near to indigent,” according to attorney Jennifer Bonjean, who is the disgraced Randamp;B star’s representative, because he has no consistent source of income and certain radio stations won’t play his music.

However, according to the prosecution, Kelly transferred millions of dollars from song royalties through a boyhood buddy just before he was found guilty of sex trafficking.

Kelly, an reportedly singing behind bars. prisoner who is now serving a sentence at Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, has become friends with alleged subway gunman Frank James.

On August 15 in Chicago, Kelly is scheduled to go on trial for new federal accusations of producing child pornography and sexually abusing juveniles. He entered a not-guilty plea to the accusations.

He was previously cleared of 14 child pornography-related charges in Illinois in 2008, which was 14 years ago.