Rapper Mystikal will be charged with rape and other offenses.


LATIN AMERICA Mystikal, a Grammy-nominated hip-hop artist, is due to be arraigned on allegations of raping, strangling, and unlawfully having drugs at his Louisiana home.
The singer will be charged with first-degree rape at his arraignment on Monday, which carries a mandatory life sentence if found guilty.

Joel Pearce, the defendant’s lawyer, stated in a text message on Thursday that his client is exonerated on all counts. He asserted that he is the true victim and that the rapper, whose real name is Michael Tyler, got a court order protecting him from the woman.

Tyler has been detained without bond since the end of July, and Pearce expressed his expectation that he will be permitted to present evidence in support of bond. On August 4, a judge rejected bond, although Pearce—who at the time did not represent the performer—said it was not a thorough bond hearing where Tyler’s case would have been supported by evidence.

The victim was allegedly choked and raped at Tyler’s home in Prairieville, an Ascension Parish village of about 33,000 people close to Baton Rouge, on July 31.

Tyler was indicted last week on 10 counts, including rape, domestic violence battery by strangulation, and false imprisonment, according to a news release from the district attorneys’ office on Wednesday. According to the statement, investigators who searched his home discovered several illegal drugs as well as evidence that supported the victim’s story of the rape.

The charges were brought by a grand jury in Ascension Parish and presented in two indictments on September 6aa1.

According to state law, the indictments are not public records since they are a part of an ongoing criminal case, according to district attorney Ricky Babin in an email.

Prosecutors in northwest Louisiana dropped Tyler’s rape and kidnapping allegations in December 2020 while Pearce was Tyler’s attorney. Before being released on a $3 million bond, he spent nearly 18 months in jail due to those 2017 charges.

Mystikal told The Associated Press in April 2021, who can now picture rapping to God with lines he is proud of.

Shake (It Fast), his 2000 song, won an Grammy nomination in 2001 for outstanding rap solo. His Tarantula was up for best rap album in 2003, while the song Bouncin Back was nominated for best male rap solo.

Later in 2003, he admitted to sexual battery. He was incarcerated for six years.