Since the Supreme Court leak, data reveal there have been 22 times more attacks on pro-life organisations than on pro-choice organizations.


On “The Story with Martha MacCallum,” Fox News contributor Mollie Hemingway comments on Georgetown students leaving former vice president Mike Pence’s address and pro-life organizations accusing the DOJ of applying different standards to different groups.

EXCLUSIVE: According to new data, there have been 22 times more attacks on pro-life organizations than pro-choice organizations since the early May release of a draft Supreme Court judgment overturning Roe v. Wade.

The dominant narrative in the media is that Americans on the right are mostly to blame for the country’s political violence. Following the revelation of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, many have claimed that there has been excessive violence directed at pro-choice doctors. But an analysis of instances reveals that pro-life activists have been the target of over 22 times as much violence, according to John Lott, the founder and president of the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC), who spoke on Monday to Fox News Digital.

Headlines warned that pro-choice advocates and groups will probably experience an uptick in attacks after the unprecedented leak on May 2 that revealed the Supreme Court had a majority of justices prepared to overturn Roe v. Wade. Attacks on pro-choice organizations and advocates increased in 2021, according to a report from the National Abortion Federation. Experts predicted that this trend would continue to worsen after the Roe leak and the eventual confirmation that the nation’s highest court had effectively ended the recognition of abortion as a constitutional right.

The figures indicate a few attacks between May 3 and September 24 of this year on pro-choice organizations and supporters, but the number of attacks against pro-life organizations far outweighed that of pro-choice organizations.

group that supports abortion Initially, Jane’s Revenge’s attempt to vandalize Jackson Right to Life’s office building was directed at the incorrect address. Kathleen Potts

In contrast to the six attacks on pro-choice organizations and supporters, an research team at CPRC study indicated that there were 135 attacks against pro-life organizations and supporters.

Without requesting a list of incidents, the media has naively accepted pro-choice accusations of violence, according to Lott.

Soon after the historic leak in early May, attacks on pro-life organizations went into overdrive. The radical pro-abortion organization Jane’s Revenge even claimed responsibility for some of the attacks in June and called it “open season” on pro-lifers.

The organization Jane’s Revenge took credit for vandalizing a pro-life pregnancy facility in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Citizens for Life in Minnesota)

“Going forward, any anti-choice organization that shuts down operations and closes its doors will no longer be a target.” However, unless you act, it’s open season, and we are aware of your whereabouts, according to a letter from Jane’s Revenge dated June 14.

A spreadsheet of claimed attacks of this nature by members of Jane’s Revenge and other pro-abortion groups was created by CPRC. The list includes vandalism against Catholic churches, “firebombing” of a facility in Buffalo, New York, and graffiti attacks on pro-life offices. The list also includes Catholic Masses and church services that abortion rights activists disrupted, such as the Houston church of Joel Osteen in June when ladies stripped off during a sermon and yelled, “Overturn Roe, Hell No.”

The organization cited sources including the Catholic News Agency and the House Republican Committee on Energy and Commerce as having provided evidence of such attacks.

Compiling the data for assaults on pro-choice supporters was more difficult, according to CPRC. Researchers contacted the National Abortion Federation for information on attacks in 2022 because they claimed that the group had kept track of such instances in 2021, but they were instead directed to the DC Abortion Fund. According to the CPRC study, the DC Abortion Fund ignored several requests for information.

One week before election day, the Crime Prevention Research Center released a report. (Citizens for Life in Minnesota)

The pro-abortion organizations “refused to reply to repeated requests for further cases despite efforts over three weeks,” the CPRC reported this week. “We gathered the cases from news searches and diverse sources.”

Fox News Digital also contacted the National Abortion Federation and the DC Abortion Fund for information and commentary, but neither organization responded by the time this article was published.

On June 24, 2022, in Phoenix, protesters demonstrate outside the Arizona State Capitol following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. Ross D. Franklin/AP Photo

A man charged with arson of an organization receiving federal funding after allegedly setting a Michigan Planned Parenthood on fire, a man accused of physically barring access to a Planned Parenthood in New York, a woman accused of setting fire to an abortion clinic in Wyoming, as well as three other attacks, are all included on the list compiled by CPRC.

On September 13, 2022, a Planned Parenthood facility can be spotted in Sacramento, California. Rich Pedroncelli/AP Photo

One week before election day, the CPRC released their report. Voters frequently rank abortion among their top worries, ranking it second only to the economy and above other problems like immigration and violent crime.

The post claimed that the “US DOJ is deliberately targeting pro-life leaders,” and it included a link to a news item that listed 11 pro-life activists who have been charged with crimes after protesting outside an abortion facility this year. The CPRC report also included Mark Houck, a pro-life activist, who was recently detained in connection with a confrontation he had in Philadelphia in October 2021 with a Planned Parenthood escort.

Furthermore, according to its website, the Department of Justice maintains a rolling record of “federal charges of recent acts of assault and other conduct directed towards reproductive health care practitioners.” The CPRC analysis points out that there is no such list for attacks against pro-lifers.

The Biden administration’s singular focus on the extremely unusual violence against pro-choice providers belies what seems to be a much more widespread issue, according to Lott, who spoke to Fox News Digital. “Despite so much more violence against pro-life advocates,” Lott said.