Smug The latest example of how supposedly knowledgeable people aren’t always accurate is Jon Stewart.


YouTube NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! It appears that Jon Stewart hasn’t changed at all in the past two years. You’re suggesting that protecting children entails disregarding the recommendations of the American Medical Association, right? That was the startling question the former comic actually posed to Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge in an interview about proposed laws to limit the medical gender transition of children.

Yes, Jon, that is the implication. Why? Because the AMA and the other members of the alphabet soup of medical advocacy groups advocated closing schools, disguising children, and a variety of other restrictions that, as we now know, caused harm to millions of people. They needed to be challenged then, and they need to be challenged now.

The arrogance of Stewart’s slavish adherence to institutions that have completely failed the country is beyond compare. When Rutledge asserts that scientists gave testimony to the Arkansas legislature concerning the risks of transitioning, he scoffs.

In a deleted video, Boston Children’s Hospital claims that children can detect their gender identity “from the womb.”

This may sound familiar to you. Remember when individuals like Drs. Scott Atlas and Jay Bhattacharya, as well as all of the signatories to the Great Barrington Declaration, were derided as charlatans who ought to be disregarded? Then, do you recall how it ultimately proved out that they were mostly correct? Evidently, Stewart doesn’t.

We repeatedly heard, “It’s not about politics, it’s about science!” during the pandemic lockdowns. That was and still is an absolute load of crap. Of course, politics were involved. When large public health initiatives, like closing schools, are imposed, the effects ripple across society, making them political decisions rather than purely medical ones.

The same is true of care that is supposedly gender-affirming. This is so because such medical treatments involve more than just patients and their physicians. In fact, such treatment necessitates that society as a whole accept the metaphysical tenet that humans may change their gender and that women’s sports, gender-specific locations, and everything else be opened up to the AMA and its sympathizers, like Stewart.

Another similarity is at play in this situation. We were aware of COVID-19’s exceedingly low risk to children from its earliest stages. Our experts chose to injure practically all children in order to safeguard a small, vulnerable demographic. Similarly, all cases must be affirmed in order to safeguard the tiny minority of children with profound gender dysphoria who are purportedly at danger of self-harm without affirmation.

A recent study found that, in just two years, the number of children in our nation who were diagnosed with gender dysphoria doubled, from about 21,000 in 2019 to 42,000 in 2021. It is foolish to confirm any child who exhibits any gender uncertainty at a young age, regardless of whether this increase is the product of social contagion, greater acceptance, or anything else.


Numerous children who may have naturally outgrown their gender dysphoria will be forced into the lucrative gender alteration assembly line, often in ways that are irreversible.