Starbucks’ most recent closure due to safety concerns shocks Indiana residents



There is uncertainty among some shop owners and community residents who claim they have not witnessed crime problems after the most recent closure of a Starbucks in the downtown district of Indianapolis, Indiana.

According to Commander Phil Burton of the Downtown District of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, “We were not made aware of any type of safety issues.” Starbucks failing to contact me as the commander, much alone my community relations sergeant or any officer for that matter, really comes as an unfortunate event, as we are doing everything we can to protect the safety of individuals who actually live, work, and visit downtown.

Local news sources state that the Monument Circle facility would close as of October 28. The closure was verified by a Starbucks representative to Fox 59, who added that the company’s “first concern is to ensure our associates are safe at work.”

In order to determine whether the store is thriving, partners (workers) feel supported, and that we are meeting consumer needs, we routinely analyze the partner and customer experience in our stores. Our local leaders have always had the authority to make the greatest use of the numerous resources at their disposal to alter business practices and improve the quality of life for our communities. However, we will decide to close a store if required, the spokeswoman stated.

OVER “SAFETY ISSUES,” STARBUCKS WILL CLOS 16 STORES, 6 of which are in Los Angeles.

“Ensuring the safety of our partners while they are at work is our top responsibility.” We will keep working to provide a secure, pleasant, and friendly environment so that partners may concentrate on creating beautiful beverages and forming connections.

Burton criticized the business for not consulting police about any issues before deciding to close, calling the closure “unfortunate.” According to Fox 59, Starbucks only called the police once in 2022 regarding a claim of staff assault and theft. In this case, the suspect was detained.

As crime rates rise in New Orleans, STARBUCKS keeps its promise to close further stores.
Yes, according to Burton, downtown is extremely secure. Only around 5% of the total crime in Indianapolis is concentrated in the downtown area.
Nearby business owners who are shocked by the shutdown of the Starbucks location said they are not worried about crime.

“I have police coming in, not only as customers, but they come in every morning to say hello and see how we’re doing,” the owner said. Since we have processes in place, I don’t worry about my safety or the safety of my employees,’ Rocket Fizz owner Kim Nething told the publication.

Like Nething, the manager of the adjoining soup shop Soupremacy stated that she has no concerns about the safety of her employees.

I don’t feel threatened. Chrystal Chadwick remarked, “I think you know, we do have a lot of homeless down here, but they pretty much remain to themselves. We don’t get many visitors requesting to use the restroom,’ I said. I’ll let them use the restroom if they buy something.

“I know what it feels like to be out there since I just recently got off the streets myself,” Chadwick said.


However, following the news, Republican municipal council members sounded the alarm, urging authorities to deal with crime issues before they could worsen.

Businesses on Monument Circle are closing because we are unable to keep them secure, despite our repeated calls for the city to take public safety seriously. It is time for the mayor, council, and prosecutor to work together to address this issue before it worsens. According to local news source WISH, Republican council member Brian Mowery and four other Republicans on the Indianapolis-Marion County City-County Council released a statement saying, “We cannot wait to act.”

16 Starbucks locations around the US would be closing as of July, according to company officials.

Senior vice presidents of Starbucks’ U.S. operations stated back in July that employees are “seeing directly the difficulties affecting our communities – personal safety, racism, lack of access to healthcare, a growing mental health crisis, escalating drug use, and more.”

Howard Schultz, the interim CEO of Starbucks, issued a warning that the initial shutdown were “only the beginning” and that further lengthy closures were planned.

Because of safety concerns, Schultz stated in a video shared on social media in July, “We are starting to close stores.” “This is just the start.” There will be a great deal more.

Earlier this month, a different site in New Orleans was shut down for security reasons. As of September, New Orleans surpassed St. Louis as the nation’s murder capital, with 52 homicides per 100,000 population, unseating it.