The ex-wife of Paul Haggis claims she is worried about criticism from the Church of Scientology for testifying during his trial.


Deborah Rennard, the ex-wife of Paul Haggis, gave a statement on Wednesday in the filmmaker’s favor. Rennard claimed she was forced to speak out but was concerned about criticism of the Church of Scientology. Haggis’ lawyers have claimed that he is being set up because he started speaking out against Scientology. Each everyday, top editors send the articles you desire straight to your inbox. Thank you for registering! The director of “Crash,” Paul Haggis, who is accused of rape, was defended by his ex-wife on Wednesday, although she admitted she is concerned about the Church of Scientology’s reaction to her testimony.

Publicist Haleigh Breest, who is suing Haggis in a civil case in New York Supreme Court, claims the writer and director sexually assaulted her in his Manhattan residence in January 2013. According to Haggis, the relationship was consenting.

Deborah Rennard claimed that she was driven to speak up in Haggis’ favor but was concerned about the church’s reaction to her public remarks.

The legal team for Haggis has attempted to portray the lawsuit as an attempt by the church to destroy Haggis, who after leaving the church became one of its most vocal detractors.

Rennard claimed that she and Haggis left the Church of Scientology in 2009.
I left the chapel in a discreet manner. Since this has been public, perhaps their harassment of me will stop,’ Rennard said.

Midway through Rennard’s evidence, a dozen or so individuals quietly stood up and departed the courtroom. On Wednesday morning, the same bunch came together and entered the courtroom late.

The Religion of Scientology’s Karin Pouw previously told Insider that “the church has nothing to do with the charges against Haggis” and “it has no relation to his accusers.”

I’ll say it again: neither the accusers of Haggis nor their lawyers are connected to the church. Pouw continued, “The church has never been involved in any manner, whether financially or otherwise. Haggis, a con artist, keeps peddling his manufactured tale to anyone who will pay for it.

Rennard stated that although Haggis and Rennard were married at the time of the alleged rape, they were no longer together.

Regarding Breest’s accusations, Rennard said, “I find it extremely, incredibly hard to believe.” “It has nothing to do with my knowledge and experience of Paul in the 30 years I’ve known him,” the speaker declares.

Rennard stated, “Paul, in my experience, has always championed the underdog, and he is currently the underdog. I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t come here and tell the truth and defend him.

Breest’s attorneys have put four additional women who claim to have had similar meetings with Haggis to the witness stand since the trial started.

Rennard acknowledged under cross-examination that she was receiving alimony payments of $20,000 per month when she drafted a letter in support of Haggis following Breest’s public rape claim.