The transgender workshop that teaches breathing techniques to deal with “White people’s bulls—-” received funding from Biden’s ARP.


FIRST ON FOX: President Biden’s American Rescue Plan (ARP) monies for COVID-19 relief went to a transgender dance class in San Francisco that teaches breathing techniques to people of color who are tired of “White people’s bulls—-” and “founding father f—-boys,” among other things.

The Democratic Party promoted the ARP Act, which Democrats enacted in March 2021 without any Republican support, as a crucial economic measure to help the nation survive the COVID-19 epidemic. Politicians on both sides of the political spectrum agree that the $1.9 trillion ARP is to blame for the current inflation crisis and for overheating the economy.

Grants were given to hundreds of groups by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), which received $135 million in ARP money, “to help with rehabilitation and reopening,” the NEA said in January .

Fresh Meat Productions (formerly known as Sean Dorsey Dance), according to NEA records , received a $150,000 ARP grant in January “to fund personnel expenses in reaction to and recovery from the COVID-19 outbreak.”

$15 million from the American Rescue Plan was allocated to programs for children against racism and social activism.

J Mase III, a self-described andquot;Black/Trans/queer poetandquot; and author of the book, andquot;White Folks Be Trippin.'andquot;

According to the NEA award, “the assistance will assist the organization in maintaining operations during recovery from the devastating economic and health repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic.” “The constituency of the organization, including arts workers, artists, and viewers, will benefit from this help.”

According to the organization’s website , transgender dancer Sean Dorsey created Fresh Meat Productions in 2002.

Fresh Meat Productions’ mission statement reads, “Operating in a world that damages and excludes trans bodies and expression, Fresh Meat Productions lifts up trans and gender nonconforming artists as agents of change.” “Our award-winning programs empower and connect audiences, foster dialogue and learning, promote the evolution of transgender arts and culture, and build vibrant, resilient, connected communities. We support the creative expression, artistic development, and leadership of trans, gender-nonconforming, and queer communities.”


A free “Stay Fresh at Home” video series is available on Fresh Meat Productions’ website, although the company also notes that “all these artists have been paid for their excellent work.”

A breathing exercise for “Black, Brown, and Indigenous individuals” who “still have to cope with White peoples bulls—-” is included in One of the videos led by J Mase III, a self-described “Black/Trans/queer poet” and author of the book “White Folks Be Trippin.”

For grants promoting green infrastructure and environmental justice, the EPA utilized COVID-19 Relief Funds.

In the 2020 video, Mase explains, “I wanted to create some space for us to cope with our own healing, create our own protective barriers against White peoples bulls—-, and just have a place for joy.” “Inhale deeply to begin your recovery, and exhale deeply to rid yourself of White supremacist bile. Inhale in the knowledge of your ancestors, and exhale deeply the founding father f—-boys.”

Fresh Meat Productions drag performer Churro Nomi.

Drag artist Churro Nomi offers a seated dance lesson in another video in the series that is marketed as being “for people of all ages.”

“Have a sparkly item, a stunning lipstick shade, or a striking piece of clothing? In this 12-minute session, let’s dress up and move like the drag royalty we are!” the video description states .

Millions from Biden’s COVID Relief Bill went to university programs promoting social and climate justice, museums, and museums.

The NEA also provided the Queer Cultural Center (QCC) in San Francisco with $150,000 in ARP money. The QCC has held drag queen shows for children and other programming for “Nigerian Dyke Feminism” and Dazi Grego-Sykes’ book, “Black Faggotry.” .

The NEA states that the QCC received ARP money in addition “to assist personnel expenses in response to and recovery from the COVID-19 epidemic.”
The QCC “promotes social justice and the aesthetic and financial development of queer art and culture,” according to its website.

According to the website, “QCC is financed in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts under the American Rescue Plan Act to support general operational costs in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.”

This July 28, 2022, photo shows drag queen Dela Rose performing in a mock election at Cafecito Bonito in Anchorage, Alaska where, people ranked the performances by drag performers.

At the San Francisco Public Library in June, the QCC provided face painting and a “drag story hour” for kids.

Please join us for a very special storytime that will promote reading enjoyment while imparting deeper lessons on diversity, respect for oneself, and tolerance of others, according to the event description . The glitzy PerSia will read children’s favorite stories at this wonderful event for kids and family, she said.