Tucker Carlson: Fauci has a lot of questions to answer.


NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! Imagine the commotion when Tony Fauci announced his retirement this morning at SoulCycle studios all throughout the Northeast. It’s far from being attractive. If you can, imagine the mayhem in the organic chaga section of a Brooklyn Whole Foods. As thousands of masked women in Lululemon learned all at once that the one religious figure they still revered, their own even smaller version of the Dalai Lama, had decided to retire from public life, imagine the panic and hysteria that must have erupted at espresso bars in Edgartown, Aspen, Santa Monica, and Bethesda.

It was, ladies and gentlemen, the equivalent of a nuclear bomb being detonated over our most wealthy population’s emotionally weakest members. The bloodshed, the crying, the swooning, the manicured hands clasped to breasts, then the scrambling for Xanax and pricey purses, are all in your mind. There haven’t been any more 46-year-old Cornell-educated lawyers with weak wives sobbed openly in public since the orange man took control of the White House in a Russian coup.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way, and there isn’t enough ros in Napa to ease that suffering. This is not how it is ever supposed to be. Saint Tony told his followers just a month ago that he would be around for at least another two years, living off the taxpayers’ money as the highest-paid government employee until the conclusion of Joe Biden’s first, but certainly not last, term, and you know what that meant.

It resulted in many more Teen Vogue spreads, NPR interviews, and masking advice (are three enough?). of course, additional crucial advice on how to observe the holidays. Which family members should not attend Thanksgiving this year? Informed by Dr. Fauci. But not anymore, I see. Everything is gone. Because Tony Fauci announced his resignation this morning, he is watching Chris Hayes while hiding at Brian Stelter’s residence.


Dr. Anthony Fauci debates Rand Paul

“I’m going to quit these jobs,” There were usually multiple instances of him saying, “I’ll be leaving these positions in December of this year to pursue my next chapter of my career.” The following phase of his career? He’s only 81 years old. Some of us had hoped he would live another 40 years, but he is going too quickly. Why? What is happening here? It pains you to consider that Tony Fauci’s scientific judgment might be impacted by politics.

They’ve never done it before, but is it possible that this utterly apolitical doctor has considered what might occur in November when the Republican Congress takes office? Does he think that might be unfavorable news for him? Yes, it is plausible that he thinks that because, on some level, even Tony Fauci is aware that he is a dangerous con artist who has committed acts that are widely acknowledged to be grave crimes in the majority of nations and throughout much of history. Therefore, Tony Fauci might choose to step down before having to defend anything to a new Congress.

He could wish to leave the city right away and go to, say, Cambridge in order to find a place to hide out until the final judgment. Just a suggestion considering that there is much to account for. Fauci has only recently promoted COVID treatments and preventative measures that not only didn’t work, but that he was aware didn’t work. He acknowledged to the New York Times that he made up the existence of herd immunity in order to promote the sale of additional vaccines—vaccines that not only failed to prevent disease but also caused thousands of individuals to suffer harm.

Kremlin accuses Ukraine of bombing a Moscow car and names the alleged attacker as a woman.

Then he publicly lied about masks. “You should wear one while riding a bike because you are breathing in too much oxygen that can prolong your life. Actually, you need more carbon dioxide. Develop into a tree more.” In private, he wrote, “The ordinary mask you get at a medicine store is not particularly effective at keeping out a virus.” This is what he was stating in public. He knew, I saw. Tony Fauci was aware that the masks your children were using to suffocate during physical education were ineffective, and this may be his most egregious offense. He didn’t just minimize and obscure the pandemic’s causes, ostensibly working with the Chinese government. No. Tony Fauci hid the proof indicating he, Tony Fauci, was a part of the original viral creation. Here is Tony Fauci testifying before the Congress under oath in July of last year.

Paul Rand: Do you, Dr. Fauci, desire to rescind your assertion from May 11 that the NIH never supported gain-of-function research in Wuhan despite the fact that lying to Congress is illegal?

FAKE: Paul, Senator I will not recant my claim that I never lied to the Congress. Qualified professionals all the way up and down the chain determined that the paper to which you were referring was not gain-of-function. What was, let me go on.


Paul Rand: You make a virus that affects animals more likely to spread to people. That is not a gain-of-function, according to you?
FAUCI: That’s accurate, and Senator Paul, to be quite blunt, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

Oh. Dr. Fauci encounters a real doctor who isn’t a BS artist and who asks basic questions and expects uncomplicated responses. In that video, Tony Fauci is caught lying. He was conscious of lying. Scientists working under a 2014 NIH grant to the EcoHealth Alliance to study bat coronaviruses mixed the genetic material from a parent coronavirus known as WIV1 with other viruses, according to a recent story from the Intercept, of all places. Oh, they were creating viruses with greater potency. Tony Fauci was in charge of it.

The Intercept subsequently conducted interviews with a number of virologists and discovered that “seven said that the work seemed to fit NIH’s standards for gain-of-function research.” Okay, gain-of-function research was being conducted. They were offshore it at their various labs, including one controlled by the Chinese government, and a bunch of biolabs in Ukraine because it was not permitted in this country. What exactly was going on? Hey, hold it. Avoid asking. You are employed by Putin. Really? Someone will eventually decide to disregard the warnings and just ask, “Why do we have so many biolabs in Ukraine of all places?” It’s not like pharmaceutical research is very active in Ukraine. And what is that? People will eventually discover what we don’t know.


The Intercept now spoke with Vincent Racaniello, a professor of microbiology and immunology at Columbia, who is a virologist. “There is no denying its functional improvement, he continued, based on the mice used in the study losing weight. Tony Fauci is mistaken when he claims it’s not.”

Naturally, Fauci would have been aware that his claim that there was no gain-of-function was false and that he was “wrong.” It was. Everything is starting to make more sense. In case you’ve never heard of it, The Intercept is not a right-wing publication. It’s a left-leaning magazine. Therefore, all of this will eventually become public, and it seems to be happening faster. Fauci quitting is understandable. The NIH finally came clean about it in late 2017. A “limited experiment” had been carried out in Wuhan to see if “spike proteins from naturally occurring bat coronaviruses circulating in China, were capable of binding to the human ACE2 receptor in a mouse model,” according to a letter from an NIH official named Lawrence Tabak to the House Oversight Committee. Frankenstein-like things

Why on earth were they acting in this way? Oh, and in the process, they destroyed the United States. Nobody has expressed regret. No one has been indicted. Tony Fauci, who approved the funding and watched as the pandemic spread around the globe, is the only one who has ever really admitted that he knew exactly what was happening. In the moment, virologists frantically alerted Tony Fauci that the likely culprit was gain-of-function research, which was partially supported by the US government.

China complains that we are not taking action against “anti-chinese thugs” outside the embassy.

Some of the features (perhaps) look contrived, Kristian Andersen, a virologist at the Scripps Institute in La Jolla, California, wrote to Fauci in the beginning of 2020.

Meanwhile, David Baltimore declared he had discovered the “smoking gun for the origin of the virus,” which he described as a potent challenge to the theory that SARS2 had a natural origin.

Tony was aware of such evaluation from the beginning. Fauci then convened a hasty conference and instructed his deputies to read gain-of-function research, a paper written by a researcher performing bat trials in Wuhan at the Chinese military lab there.

He was aware of this from the beginning, as were many other people, and they all lied to us and continue to lie to us without anyone being held accountable. Fauci, though, will not discuss gain-of-function research in public. Instead, he demanded the detention of his most vocal opponent because, well, he’s not exactly a tiny Stalinist. Observe this.

Senator Cruz advised the attorney general that you ought to face charges, Margaret Brennan said.
When health decisions are “political,” the director of the CDC says it is “frustrating.”

FAUCI: I have to chuckle when I hear that. Should I be put on trial? Senator, what happened on January 6?

Oh, I should be… no, a sitting U.S. senator ought to face legal action for posing questions that would uncover criminal activity. By the way, on January 6, Ted Cruz was lighting things on fire inside the Capitol. Oh no, of course not. As a result, that was only one of many blatant examples of partisanship from the man who is meant to be a public health expert. When Tony Fauci is willing to make such personal attacks against his political rivals and critics while also lying about Corona’s history, several questions arise, one of which is what else is Tony Fauci concealing? We should be aware.

You might recall that Tony Fauci stated that remdesivir, a medication created by the pharmaceutical behemoth Gilead, would be the cure for COVID back in 2020. Do you still recall this? This will be the standard of care, he stated, and we’re citing him. Now, it’s not a small thing when Tony Fauci, the person in charge of our COVID response, says that, but when Tony Fauci said that, he said that knowing that the Food and Drug Administration did not hold a single advisory meeting on that drug, Remdesivir, but for the low price of just $48,000 per dose, Fauci promised that Remdesivir could shorten your hospital stay if you were ever to get COVID, such as if your mask slipped for a

As with the vaccine, the reality became impossible to conceal after several months. Remdesivir does not function as promised. Even the World Health Organization is now against it. According to the World Health Organization, “There is a conditional recommendation against the use of Remdesivir,” which means that there isn’t enough data to back up its application. I see, really? But what took place in the interim? Well, Tony Fauci’s friends at Gilead, which some claim to be a failing business, made a ton of cash. They all did, along with Tony Fauci’s associates at Pfizer and Moderna, while he went about promoting the one and only answer to the catastrophe he helped to cause—the vaccine, which isn’t actually a vaccination. Watch.

FAUCI: We need to give the person receiving the mRNA a fourth dose boost, in this situation, because when it comes to vaccinations, at least in the case of SARS-CoV-2, they actually outperform nature.

Offering free COVID-19 testing for pets is the Los Angeles County Health Department.
People can feel secure knowing they won’t contract an infection when they receive a vaccination (IMG2 FAUCI).

FAUCI: I want to guarantee that everyone wears their masks. It just isn’t something we should even be thinking about, in my opinion, to remove the masks.

FAUCI: It’s a pandemic and an unvaccinated outbreak, as we’ve already stated.

You know, it’s really an indictment of our system and the rest of us, especially us in the media, that a man in charge of America’s COVID response could say so many things serially back to back one after the other, week after week, month after month, year after year, that turned out to be false. Tony Fauci is obviously dishonest and implicated in what appear to be crimes, but it’s also an indictment of our system and the rest of us, especially us in What causes that to occur?

It is comparable to the departure from Afghanistan. Nobody who was in charge of that was ever punished. They had been raised. That is a broken system that needs to be corrected right away. The issue is not partisan. It should go without saying, but you have already received the smallpox, polio, and mumps vaccines in addition to the so-called vaccination, which is not a vaccine. Did you get those illnesses? Today, do you have the mumps? Have you have the chicken pox recently? Possess you polio? No, those are immunizations, however you likely contracted COVID after receiving the dose. It was Tony Fauci.


As a result, he had to slightly alter the line because of his COVID. He had so many shots that he was like a pincushion, yet he contracted COVID. Thus, it’s possible that the COVID vaccine does not work to stop infections. Perhaps Remdesivir, which is ineffective. Okay, but Tony Fauci has consistently argued for one thing—really just one thing—and that is that the Biden administration and his allies deserve additional authority. Here, Tony Fauci, speaking on behalf of Joe Biden, explains that his one regret from the pandemic is that he did not take away every single civil liberties in the nation. Please watch if you dare.

FAUCI: Two and a half years later, we know that between 50 and 60 percent of transmissions come from people who are asymptomatic, either because they will never develop symptoms or because they are in the presymptomatic stage. If we had understood it back then, the community’s insidious spread would have been a far bigger warning, and there would have been much, much stricter restrictions.

Significantly stricter limitations We’re not Sigmund Freud, but if you don’t understand limited sexual pleasure, as he put it, you’re blind to the obvious. However, everything is completely phony. It was investigated. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University acknowledge that lockdowns were ineffective. They did wreck people’s lives while having no justification. A group of epidemiologists attempted to alert the public to this in late 2020 since they foresaw it happening and authored something referred to as “The Great Barrington Declaration.”

TREY GOWDY is informed by an Afghan interpreter that Afghanistan is worse than it was before 9/11.

Here is how Francis Collins, Tony Fauci’s boss and the man who persuaded evangelicals to get the vaccine because it was God’s will, responded. Francis Collins is completely discredited and, in fact, nasty. Collins emailed Fauci in October 2020 “See https://gbdeclaration.org/ This initiative appears to be gaining a lot of support, and Nobel Prize laureate Mike Leavitt from Stanford has even co-signed it. Its premises require a swift and scathing published refutation.”

What’s up? Why not evaluate its foundation? You’re not accepted by scientists. Why don’t you ascertain their differences? Instead, get the tech oligarchs to ensure that no one can hear what they are saying and set up the lying machine, including NBC News, CNN, and the New York Times, and crash, shut down, and remove them from social media. They actually carried out the action. Scientists do not behave in that way. That’s how autocrats operate, and Tony Fauci reiterated this point today. Tony Fauci asserted that he is science personified and should never be questioned.

FAUCI: If they get up and condemn science, no one will understand what they’re saying; however, if they stand up and specifically target Tony Fauci, people might be able to identify him. Therefore, it’s simple to criticize, but they’re actually doing so because I stand for science.

Jill Biden, the first lady, tests negative for COVID-19 and is bound for Delaware.

FAUCI: So, if you’re trying to attack me as a scientist and a public health authority, you’re really attacking more than just Dr. Anthony Fauci. You criticize science.

FAUCI: Because I stand for something that is uncomfortable for them, I become the bad guy to a whole group of individuals. It is known as the truth.

First things first: Only Fidel Castro and mentally ill persons refer to themselves in public, without irony, in the third person. Ok? Therefore, that ought to have been a red flag right there. “I’m a scientist. The state is me. I am the state.” Whoa! Megalomaniac, calm down. This is absurd, because Fauci hasn’t been harmed repeatedly over the years by this sort of behavior. Anyone who criticized him qualifies.