Watch as 15 inches of rain submerges Dallas-Fort Worth in incredible scenes of survival.


Watch a video of drivers at an underpass swimming from their vehicles before soon plunging in floodwaters. When he carried a woman to safety, FOX Weather’s Robert Ray transformed from reporter to rescuer.

News reporters saved a woman from her sinking car, drivers jumped out of their trucks, and taillights appeared underwater in the center of an intersection. Only a fraction of the scenes that occurred on Monday as storms dumped over a foot of water on the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro region.

Even police cars were unable to quickly flee the floodwaters.
Police Department of Dallas

Storm chaser Brandon Clement explained to FOX Weather that the cars in the footage above are actually submerged under the water that is seen all the way to the overpass. “And then some individuals needed to be saved, and it was incredibly difficult to extricate them. Water was flowing in so fast.

To transport stranded drivers to safety, rescuers used boats in the adjacent Mesquite area.

Since Sunday at 10 p.m., the Fort Worth Fire Department has received over 500 calls for assistance and has responded to 174 high water rescue calls. At one time Monday midday, they were on the scene of 38 different flood crises.

Additional flash flooding in the nearby Dallas-Fort Worth metro area could cause life-threatening flash flooding this morning, the National Weather Service warned.

In the late hours of Sunday night in Forth Worth, Texas, drivers chose to navigate across flooded roadways.

After dropping off her daughter at school, Dallas homeowner Kirshae Green became stranded on an overpass for almost three hours. She reportedly expressed her fear and disbelief at the sheer number of ambulances responding to the flooding. She said in a Facebook post that she witnessed rescuers rappelling down the flyover to save drivers who were submerged.

On Monday, there is significant flooding in Fort Worth, Texas. On roads and parking lots, drivers can be seen navigating through several feet of water. (Video: WEATHER TRAKER / TMX / @planet ugh)

Greene told FOX Weather, “There were 18-wheelers that fell underwater. I was on an overpass gazing on the underpass.
From the overpass,

Green captured this image of the road. Look at how thinly the car roofs are piercing the water.
Krishae Green

Storm chaser Brandon Clement posted the video of an amazing water rescue on Interstate 30 in downtown Dallas and spoke to FOX Weather. On I-30 and I-75, stranded passengers struggle for their lives.

Incredible water rescue on Interstate 30 in downtown Dallas, according to storm chaser Brandon Clement, speaking to FOX Weather. On I-30 and I-75, stranded passengers struggle for their lives.

Before the rain ceased, a judge proclaimed a state of emergency for Dallas County. A 60-year-old woman was reported as having perished in the floodwaters by AA3.

Her car was carried off a bridge, Mesquite Fire-Rescue informed FOX 4 – Dallas. Hours later, when the flood had subsided, workers discovered her remains in the vehicle.

EXTREMES OF DRYLAND AND FLOATING THIS SUMMER Mother Nature opened the floodgates after two months of terrible drought that affected 90% of Texas. Over 15 inches of rain were reported in several cities.

“For an area where we went more than two months without any rain, that is a truly incredible amount. And as a result, Tony Hartzell, a representative for the Texas DOT, told FOX Weather, “We’re moving from one extreme to the other.” When there hasn’t been any rain, the drains might become clogged with trash and other garbage and provide a problem for us.

According to Hartzell, litter clogged the drain, flooding the area where Robert Ray of FOX Weather saved a woman from her sinking car.

Ray explained to the FOX 4 Dallas reporter who witnessed the rescue, “Literally, the car was floating, and I tried to pull the door open, and the water started to rush in.” “At that moment, the best-case scenario was that I would have to drag her out of the window. She was in a panic. Everybody would be.

Apartments and residences were flooded. This entire East Dallas apartment was submerged under two feet of floodwater.
East Dallas, Texas, apartment flooded with more than 2 feet of murky water is visible on video.

As the sun dawned, locals got their first glimpse of the massive inundation. A passenger recorded waves crashing into driveways and homes as well as on the Belt Line.

Five feet of water rose up and over the cars in the neighborhood, while another Fort Worth resident could only observe.

Even the Dallas Zoo was forced to cancel. The animals are all secure, they tweeted, although their paths are submerged.

Dallas-Fort Worth cleans up as the storm that caused the showers heads east. It may be difficult to believe after viewing these photos, but Monday’s amount of rain will not even break the airport’s daily record. 9.57 inches of rain fell in 24 hours in September 1932, the most ever. The airport in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, recorded 9.18 inches on that day.

Vehicles were submerged in water. The only visible lights are the break lights. Police Department of Dallas
Just before midnight, the Linwood neighborhood of Fort Worth had water that was several feet high. (@rimashrestha31)
Fire Department of White Settlement
RV park that is flooded (White Settlement Fire Department)

On Monday afternoon, the flood threat began to shift east, and flooding was expected in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.
Steve Bender, a meteorologist, describes the meteorological circumstances that led to the flooding in Dallas.

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