When lettuce outlasted Liz Truss’ premiership, it was pronounced the winner.


Liz Truss was defeated by a head of lettuce in London.

Unlike Truss’ deteriorating presidency of the United Kingdom, which came to an end on Thursday with her resignation, the green vegetable’s demise was more slow. Her choice gave the lettuce, who had been placed against her by a tabloid newspaper on Friday, an improbable win.

However, more than 12,000 Twitter users were watching a live feed of the unrefrigerated iceberg, which cost about 68 cents when it was bought by The Daily Star newspaper last week and placed in front of a camera alongside a picture of Truss, as she announced her resignation in succinct remarks Thursday outside the prime minister’s residence.

Which type of wet lettuce will keep better? Read the caption, which was also streamed on YouTube, on the feed. Many people made light of the issue in their comments.

The act was prompted by a column in The Economist magazine called “The Iceberg Lady,” which was a parody of Truss’ political hero Margaret Thatcher’s nickname, “the Iron Lady,” when she served as prime minister in the 1980s. Additionally, the story stated that Truss had “the shelf-life of a lettuce.”

Thousands of spectators tuned in as the days went on and watched as a blond wig imitating Truss’ hair was placed on top of the produce.

The scene was enlarged to incorporate two British flags and a red mug with the phrase “Keep Calm and Carry On,” which was used to boost morale in Britain during World War II. Googly eyes were also added.

Other foods were added and removed, including tofu, which was made fun of by the former interior minister Suella Braverman when she supported new regulations meant to rein in noisy rallies and lambasted “tofu-eating wokerati.” Wednesday saw Braverman’s resignation.

Following Truss’s announcement on Thursday, the dressed-up lettuce attracted 21,000 viewers as the strains of “God Save the King” played out and a picture of Truss was turned upside-down.

The caption read, “The lettuce outlasted Liz Truss,” as a remix of “Celebration” by Kool