With Red Bull, Sergio Perez is adamant that he can win the F1 championship.


Sergio Perez discussed his future with Red Bull in an interview with Insider. Perez is second in the Formula One standings, although he is far behind his teammate Max Verstappen. Perez is adamant that he can be a champion, despite Christian Horner labeling him “an wonderful servant.” Morning Brew is read by more than 3 million people; you should too! Thank you for registering! Although Max Verstappen has already won the Formula One championship for the second consecutive year this year, Sergio Perez, another member of his team, may pose the biggest challenge to his chances of making it three in a row in 2023.

At the Patron Pit Stop in Austin prior to the United States Grand Prix, Perez discussed his future with Red Bull Racing with Insider. Perez committed to staying with the organization through at least the 2024 season by signing an agreement earlier this year.

Perez was emphatic in his response when asked if he believes he can win a championship with Red Bull.
Yes, without a doubt, Perez replied. “I think I can compete for the title next year,” I really want to do it.
This would appear to be at conflict with Christian Horner, the team owner of Red Bull Racing.

In a protracted interview, Horner was questioned about how he handles the peculiar dynamics of F1, in which colleagues and rivals are frequently expected to put themselves in harm’s way for one another.

According to Horner, “Perez” was unquestionably a great team player last season, lending a hand to a teammate countless times. “Certainly in the most recent race, when he performed an incredible job supporting Lewis Hamilton.” Max wouldn’t have won the championship without it.

With the new cars and Perez being more “at home,” according to Horner, there has been a reset this year, which adds another level of complexity for him and Verstappen.

Perez now has confidence in his ability to win the world championship, according to Horner. “That then adds another aspect where, you know, yes, Ferrari is our major rival, but you know, obviously the drivers want to race each other,” the speaker said.

Although that may be Perez’s outlook this season, Red Bull’s actions on the racetrack haven’t done much to dispel the notion that he is still on the team to support Verstappen.

The dynamic was highlighted during the Spanish Grand Prix when Perez was urged twice not to compete for the victory despite being the more skilled driver on that particular day. Perez once described the directive to allow Verstappen through as “extremely unjust” over the radio. Perez was overheard saying, “I am delighted for the squad, but we need to speak later,” after coming in second behind his teammate.

Despite giving up points to his coworker, Perez has already won two races, doubling his career total, and finished second four times in 12 races to overtake Charles Leclerc and move into second position in the standings. It is unclear what was spoken following that race.

Perez no longer see the team as holding him back, which is clearly obvious. When Perez was questioned if he still believed that to be the case, he responded quickly and vehemently, “No, not at all.”