Your priorities don’t important to the government or the media, according to Greg Gutfeld


YouTube NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! The topic of tonight’s monologue is priorities—your priorities, which don’t matter to them, the priorities of the government, the media, and so on.

Here’s a humorous New York-related tale. Unprovoked assault by a thug leaves a diner unconscious and with a cracked skull. You heard me right when I said it was enjoyable. The assailant was recently released from prison for rape. I am aware that he is most likely a systemic victim. And by system, I mean the old-fashioned concept of law and order.

Violence is present wherever liberals are in power, according to GREG GUTFELD.

Where is he now, then? After his attempted murder case was reduced to a misdemeanor, that is. Because attempting to kill someone these days isn’t all that different from loitering, he is free on a bond with no payment required. He is now free to beat and rape once more. Enjoy your stroll back to your automobiles, audience.

Because keeping him in prison would have made him the victim, and producing victims is what he does for a living. Were we not informed that bail reform only applied to nonviolent felonies? However, it’s a bait-and-switch, similar to when I want my steak medium-well and the server instead punches me in the face.

Once more, politicians, left-leaning district attorneys, and judges gamble with law-abiding citizens. And every time they enact legislation like bail reform, it’s as if they’re loading a rifle with more bullets and aiming it at your head.

They see the city as little more than an aquatic experiment. So what if there are a few piranhas hiding in the fortress in the corner?

This rape fiend is now exposed. The DAs appear to be saying, “Hey, you handled the rape fairly well, but your murderous prowess still needs improvement. So go out there and don’t return until you’ve done it correctly.” You’d think Mayor Eric Adams would be all over this, but he gives Pelosi’s facelift surgeon more lip service. Yes, this is what he’s doing.

Eric Adams can be seen swinging a sledgehammer in a video.

He then demolished an outside eating shed while pretending to be a construction worker. He was a police officer before becoming a builder. Anyone noticing a trend here? We appear to be dealing with a single community, in my opinion.

He removed the shed because it was being used for peeing. All right. Madonna would be the last thing standing if the mayor went around breaking everything that had been urinated on in New York. Why do you say that? It eludes me.

Now, unless criminals are dressing up as sheds, I doubt Adam’s priorities. This is not now Brian Stelter’s main issue, much like his cholesterol. A lot of people are getting attacked and killed. Eric was hammering, despite Nero’s fiddling.

And what is New York’s governor doing? She declared that a bill she had signed had changed the word “salesman” to “salesperson.” This will benefit working-class women. Yeah. a little aid She truly is Lia Thomas. She is substituting a person for a man, and rape is up 10%. Really, this is her top priority. Yeah. 911. What kind of emergency is it? A salesman just assaulted me. Do you mean salesperson, please? I’ll send a police cruiser. But no, ma’am, not for him. to you!

The governor has to be reminded that while some occupations do not discriminate against gender, violent crime victims do. Many of them are female.

So, regardless of whether she is a salesperson or a salesman, New Yorkers shouldn’t purchase the dreck she is offering. By the way, the moron who changed the word “inmate” to “incarcerated person” is the same one. It’s helpful. Fine. Although none of the violent criminals I’d like to refer to as “incarcerated humans” are now behind bars.

If I could still see inmates, I’d claim the asylum is run by the patients. A cancellation would be bad for me. I also advise individuals to complain to the authorities, but what benefit would that have?

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But it’s all a lie. useless virtue signaling when cities fall apart. This entire nation is suffering from it as a result of a fake news industry that determines what is and isn’t relevant.

Blood loss stories are among the most current. But for now, it’s all about Trump. And I understand. You couldn’t sleep at night from his snarky tweets. But as of the last time I looked, he wasn’t out slaughtering people like the MS 13 gang members he once referred to as beasts, which greatly infuriated Pelosi. Recall that? All of those criminals were not orange.

As a result, the media is centered on actual brutality, such tax cheating, for which the CFO of the Trump Organization entered a guilty plea, while businesses close and residents flee cities for the same reason they do from Kat’s apartment—crime and deterioration. And there’s little doubt that his connection to Trump has nothing to do with the accusation. However, the 75-year-old man will be sent to the prison on Rikers Island, where attempted murderers are allowed to live free. Then why? Because only stories that have a Trump-like odor are of interest to our media. Evidently, this includes Melania’s clothing.

You don’t rate the news, literally. The media is aware that supporting Trump is profitable. Not the ones that directly impact your lives. In addition, on the scale of retribution, you are the oppressor and the thugs are the oppressed.