After a Parkland juror said that she was threatened by a fellow juror during the course of deliberations, prosecutors stated that “a crime may have been committed.”


According to CBS News , a jury in the Parkland, Florida, school shooting trial said that she had received threats from another juror. On Thursday, the jury recommended that the Parkland shooting perpetrator receive a life sentence. Numerous jurors supported the death penalty for Nikolas Cruz. Subscribe to our daily newsletter to receive exclusive analysis, news, and trends in your inbox. Thank you for registering! According to CBS News , after a juror said she was threatened by another jury during deliberations, prosecutors in the Parkland shooting case declared “a crime may have been committed.”

According to The South Florida Sun Sentinel , the juror “advised the support staff member that during deliberations she experienced a threat from a fellow juror while in the jury room.”

The jury recommended on Thursday that Nikolas Cruz receive a life term in prison for the 2018 school shooting, which claimed the lives of 17 people.

In a brief hearing, Prosecutor Carolyn McCann informed Circuit Judge Elizabeth Scherer that the threat against the jury was reported for safety concerns and not to overturn the decision, which spared Cruz the death penalty, according to CBS News.

McCann reportedly remarked, “Frankly we don’t want to touch this with a 10-foot rod.” According to McCann, the move was “filed for safety reasons,” according to CBS News.

According to the Sun Sentinel, McCann said that a prosecutor “cannot ignore a phone call stating a threat has been made.”
Sherer granted prosecutors permission to give the Broward Sheriff’s Office access to the juror’s name so they could launch an investigation and interview the jury.

The Sun Sentinel said that the judge also claimed that two jurors had attempted to contact her following Thursday’s decision, with one asking a bailiff how to “register a complaint.”

According to CBS News, the jury’s discussion was tense since many of them wanted Cruz to get the death penalty. For the jury to recommend the death penalty, all members must agree.